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WhatsApp: check 7 news about to arrive - 06/25/2021

WhatsApp: check 7 news about to arrive – 06/25/2021

a The WhatsApp I recently gained some jobs that have been very successful. One of them is the possibility Accelerate audio playback speed The application received it. And the news shouldn’t stop there.

According to the specialized website WaBetaInfo, which expects features to be tested on WhatsApp, Internet users can wait for seven new news in upcoming updates of the application.

Some features are available to those using the beta (beta) version of WhatsApp, such as sending a pack of stickers and messages that disappear shortly after reading them.

Below we list the seven potential new jobs and explain how they work. paying off:

Saw and erased

In an interview with WaBetaInfo, sign Zuckerberg They confirmed that one of the features they are working on is messages that can only be viewed once. Later, It will be deleted automatically. They are also developing a temporary mode (similar to what Instagram already has) so that users can choose to always have their chats disappear.

Redirect stickers

me me Goodness is a meme that falls into the blessing of men. And with the future WhatsApp functionality, this will become even easier. Is this in the update, it will be possible to forward entire packets from statues to your contacts. Everyone who receives the parcel will see a Link Where you can download images.

The new one, for now, is only available in the beta version of iOS (Iphone). It should reach beta users soon. Android.

Improvements for businesses using WhatsApp

When opening a file Company account profileThere will be a small summary of the facility. There will also be shortcuts to quickly call, send a message, forward, view the catalog, and explore the store, if the store has a store in Facebook social networking site. For now, the new feature is only available in the beta version of Android.

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WhatsApp on more than one phone

Today, those who love to use WhatsApp Web need prison cell You must be connected to the Internet. However, Zuckerberg said that soon we will have the option not to just use Zap even if it’s a file smart phone The connection is disconnected, but also Access the same account on up to four devices at the same time.

The only downside is that even on the desktop you won’t be able to make voice or video calls with other users who don’t have the same version of WhatsApp as you.

Transfer chats between Android and iOS

Have you switched systems and worried about losing your conversations? Don’t worry anymore. One of the novelties being tested is specifically The ability to export your conversations between Android and iOS.

Archives archived forever

Currently, if the user archives a conversation and later receives a message from that person, the conversation will be automatically unarchived and you will return to the main WhatsApp page.

In tests, the company added the extension The option to archive conversations permanently, if the user wants. New messages from these chats will be changed automatically.

The user can choose any of the chat archiving modes.

Find stickers

Previously available for Android beta versions, now iOS beta users will be able to easily enjoy Find specific stickers among the many stickers you have.

This function was already available, but in the new tests it works similarly to searching for emojis when you type a specific word. For example: Let’s say you type “truck” into the search bar. In addition to suggesting emojis, the stickers button will be animated, indicating that you also found something similar to the word you typed.

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