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Influenza vaccination extends to the public at any age in ES

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The expansion of influenza vaccination to the general population is already valid throughout Espirito Santo, referring to the 24th National Influenza Vaccination Campaign.

Previously, vaccination was available only to priority groups determined by the Ministry of Health. Now, the doses can be applied to everyone older than six months. The Federal Agency announced the expansion last Friday (24).

Currently, 58% of priority groups with a target recommended by the Ministry of vaccination coverage of 90% have received the dose against influenza, according to Health Administration (SESA) data, available in the Immunization Panel and Confia.

The following groups are part of the targeted vaccine groups: children from six months of age to less than 5 years of age; Pregnant women, postpartum women, the elderly, health workers, teachers; and indigenous peoples.

However, Undersecretary for Health Surveillance, Luis Carlos Reblin, notes that the goal is also to expand vaccination coverage for these target groups, as well as being able to ensure optimal coverage for the entire population.

The campaign continues in Espiritu Santo until the end of July or when doses are available. More than half of the priority groups have already been vaccinated, and we want to expand until we reach the 90% target. On the other hand, with the expansion to include the entire population, we also have the opportunity to provide more protection for everyone, especially in this seasonal period of respiratory diseases. So, find your nearest health service and get a flu shot,” Rebelin emphasized.

The general population will be vaccinated with the remaining doses of the vaccination campaign directed at the target audience, which began in April of this year.

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Regarding stocks, the Ministry of Health (Sesa) stated that doses are being provided during the current campaign, however, the Ministry of Health will ask if there is a possibility to send more doses to the country, in order to consider more capixabas.

Influenza vaccination coverage

As of Monday (27), vaccination coverage for priority groups with a recommended 90% target is: 62% for the elderly; 83% for health workers; 30% for pregnant women; 25% for women after childbirth; 72% for children 6 months to less than 5 years old; 36% for teachers; and 21% for the indigenous population.