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Shore River |  What do you expect from the new reality show Paramount + Make-Out?

Shore River | What do you expect from the new reality show Paramount + Make-Out?

Reality Makeout fans can now add another item to the list: Rio Shore. The production is original from Paramount + and is part of the franchise Support, one of the most successful MTV in the world which is now arriving in Brazil against the backdrop of Rio de Janeiro.

It all started with Jersey Shore, in the United States, heading to Mexico, with Acapulco Shore; Warsaw Beach in Poland, Gandia Shore In Spain, Gordy beach is not the United Kingdom, Floripama Shore Also in the United States, and super shore Bringing together international participants.

What is River Shore?

oh truth Rio Shore It brings 10 participants who are part of the Shore family and who live in a house in the city of Búzios, in Rio de Janeiro. There, according to the premise of the show, they enjoy “the most epic party, the most thrilling, the most ignorant reviews, the most bullshit, and the most amazing experience” they’ve ever had.

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At home, 130 people from the production team accompanied the participants, who were recorded 24 hours a day by 22 cameras over 32 days. In addition to conventional cameras, the footage was helped by a drone. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, staff and actors have been tested and quarantined before recordings, and no one has come in contact with people who haven’t done the same.

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Photo: Disclosure/Paramount+/MTV

What do you expect from Rio Shore?

Choosing a good business team is critical for the show to achieve its mission. Eduardo Gaspar, from Endemol Shine, says the participants were selected through a process that included more than 300 candidates willing to participate and join the Rio Shore. After the first selection stage, the number dropped to only 40. “In this second phase, we did what we call a ‘TV test’ in order to get to know more of these 40 pre-selected people, and of those 40, we came up with these 10 names,” says the executive.

Gaspar revealed that many of them already know each other, which we see in the first episode, which made the experience of the first meeting of reality even more interesting. Also according to the Executive, understanding who was willing to enjoy the initiative to the fullest was crucial to the choice. “Who was willing to enjoy, who was willing to accept our invitation to experience the best vacations of life,” comments Eduardo, also saying that they sought to have the different dialects of the state of Rio de Janeiro and representation, through the people who agreed to participate in the activities and help make the best content for those viewing it.

Brazilian version

Tiago Workman, of ViacomCBS, says so, compared to Support From other countries, the cast from Rio de Janeiro is there to be who they are, presenting themselves in an original way for the sake of entertainment. “The idea of ​​Shore is this, to bring in a group of young people who come together and end up becoming a family, a brotherhood, with all the differences and battles that are in all families,” the executive continues.

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Photo: Disclosure/Paramount+/MTV


In reality shows for socializing with people, everything ends up becoming very intense, because they spend several days with the same people and they have nowhere to escape. Vittoria Araujo, a participant in Rio Shore, says that when living with several people in the same house, the participant ends up learning a lot of new things and discovering new feelings, because it is not uncommon to go through this experience. The young woman comments: “Everything is so sharp, in the extreme, you don’t even suspect it. Emotions, quarrels, crying, the smallest things, become really ridiculous.”

Jessica Barros, who is also a part of the reality show Paramount+ and MTV, says the co-host on the show ends up doing things he never thought he’d do. “You think you’ll never fight, and then you fight; you think you’ll never fall in love, and you’ll fall in love; you think you’ll never get mad because of the dish towel that was in the sink and you’ll get angry. You think you’re angry. Things are intense, but three times more, “Kidding.

When a reality show has been following participants for 24 hours, the cameras can be intimidating when they start recording. But this certainly does not happen in Rio Shore. Show co-star Kevin Goulsan says that after a while it’s all too easy to forget that they’re being filmed all the time. “You forget and you live there, you live by the riverside,” he says. “Sometimes you get scared when you see the camera.”

Rio Shore: Instagram for participants

If you are one of those people who like to follow the participants of the facts closely, then we provide below the list of participants Rio Shore And their Instagram.

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Rio Shore Premieres September 30 on Paramount+ for two episodes. The episodes will also be broadcast on MTV.

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