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Increase your privacy in the app

Increase your privacy in the app

Make your WhatsApp chats more confidential with these effective tricks and ensure your online privacy.

WhatsApp, a tool that has become central to our daily lives, plays an essential role in our personal and professional communications. However, in certain situations it is important to maintain our privacy, especially when we are writing messages.

To help maintain your privacy while using WhatsApp, we offer you two effective tricks that will allow you to hide the famous “typing” indicator. This can be useful when you want to prevent your contacts from knowing that you are writing a message or simply want to keep your conversations more private.

Enjoy more privacy on your WhatsApp with these two tricks. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

2 WhatsApp tricks to hide writing in the application

Find out below:

1. Reply directly from notifications

First, a simple way to prevent “typing” from appearing is to reply directly from notifications. This allows you to reply to messages without opening the app. By doing this, your contacts will not see the “typing” indicator, making your responses more discreet and private.

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two. Use airplane mode

Another effective strategy is to use airplane mode when composing messages. When you turn on Airplane mode, your Internet connection is temporarily disabled. This means that WhatsApp cannot update your “typing” status. Therefore, your contacts will not receive this notification while you are writing your messages.

Individual playback voice messages

WhatsApp also recently introduced an interesting feature: individual voice messages. These messages are automatically deleted after listening to them once, providing a secure way to share sensitive information. This ensures that the message is not available to be heard in the future and adds an extra layer of privacy to your conversations.

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Secret codes for conversations On WhatsApp

Additionally, WhatsApp implements secret codes for chats. These codes allow you to create unique passwords to hide certain conversations, increasing the privacy and security of your interactions. Simply select the desired conversation, choose the “Block Chat” option, select the code and save it. This new feature will be available globally in the coming months.

A special folder for blocked conversations

One of the innovations in the development is the introduction of a special folder for blocked conversations on WhatsApp. This folder will allow you to hide conversations so that they can only be accessed using a password or biometric data. This will increase the level of confidentiality in your interactions, providing a complete solution to ensure privacy.

With these updates and improvements, WhatsApp strengthens its commitment to user security and privacy. These powerful tools are here to ensure you can secure your conversations and information with confidence.

In an increasingly connected world, privacy and security are key. WhatsApp continues to evolve to meet increasing requirements for security, and remains one of the world's major communication platforms.

So, whether you use Airplane mode, take advantage of one-time voice messages, or set secret codes for specific conversations, WhatsApp is committed to keeping your conversations private and secure. And soon, with the Blocked Chats folder, you'll have more options to ensure your privacy while communicating with your contacts.

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