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Nubank issues a significant increase of R$ 2,000 in credit card limit!

Nubank issues a significant increase of R$ 2,000 in credit card limit!

Nubank, one of the main fintech companies in the country, announced excellent news for its customers: the launch of an increase in the credit card limit, allowing an increase of more than 2,000 additional reais. This measure aims to provide more flexibility and financial comfort to users, allowing them to make purchases with greater peace of mind.

This way, learn more about how to request a limit increase and what precautions you should take when using your credit card. Keep reading for more information!

How does Nubank’s guaranteed Nu Limite program work?

Image: Rafapress / Shutterstock.com

Nubank has a feature called “Nu Limite Garantido”. This function provides customers with the opportunity to use part of their investment as collateral to obtain an increase in their credit card limit.

This strategy not only makes the use of credit more flexible, but also encourages more efficient and strategic financial management. In this way, if the investment is R$ 2,000, it is possible to use it as the card limit.

In addition to these facilities, Nubank continues to offer competitive advantages, such as no maintenance fees and unlimited and free transfers to other banks. CDI’s 100% return on resources invested in the platform exceeds traditional savings returns.

The bank also offers personal loans

Furthermore it, lend Nubank’s simplified recruitment has become a strong attraction due to its ease of access and speed of credit release. The institution conducts a comprehensive analysis of the customer’s file, which includes income and previous relationship with the bank, ensuring that credit offers are made that respect the user’s financial capacity.

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A new feature allows you to invest in private annuities using a credit card

Keep financial information updated in the app (Android, internal control Department) is essential for those who want to improve the use of financial technology services. This procedure is simple and quick, and can be done directly via cell phone. Thus, this ensures that credit offers and services are always in line with current needs.

Image: Rafapress / Shutterstock.com