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In the vaccine war, the Argentine chancellor notes AstraZeneca's failure

In the vaccine war, the Argentine chancellor notes AstraZeneca’s failure

The drugs will not adhere to the delivery dates of the neighboring country, which is also using Sputnik, in addition to the English vaccine.

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Sputnik – According to Felipe Sola, Argentina’s foreign minister, the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca does not provide enough information about non-compliance in the delivery of vaccine doses into the country.

The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca was criticized on Thursday (29) by the Argentine chancellor for Delay in dosing Your vaccine.

“We have a big problem called AstraZeneca,” He said Felipe Sola, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, via Radio El Destape, in response to a question about the lack of vaccines against COVID-19 in the country.

“The main problem is that we lack information about what happened to AstraZeneca. We have not been told anything in writing. AstraZeneca has not explained exactly what is happening with the vaccines. We are still in negotiations with them,” he explained.

The senior official indicated approximately 22.5 million doses were due to be delivered as of March, according to the contract the Argentine government signed with the company.

According to him, this is partly due to an action taken by the US administration regarding the supply of inputs that were supposed to arrive in Mexico for the production of immunization devices.

Liomont [fábrica mexicana que produz vacinas da AstraZeneca] It started failing because it had problems with inputs that couldn’t leave the US, due to the same ban before the takeover [presidente Joe] Biden, who kept it, and who prevented any vaccine, of any brand, from leaving the United States, “the secretary said, adding that American policy” has greatly limited Vaccine production From Liomont. “

Felipe Sola said contacts between Argentina and representatives of the country’s pharmaceutical company are continuing, despite everything.

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On Thursday (29), AstraZeneca acknowledged the delay in a statement, confirming that deliveries will take place by the end of June.

#NOW: Statement from AstraZeneca Argentina: “We are still on our way to deliver 150 million doses to Latin America in 2021 from the first semester.”

AstraZeneca delays in Latin America are due to “lower than expected production, shortages of critical supplies and longer periods of regulatory approval,” according to Shown On Saturday (1), the British agency Reuters quoted the manufacturer.

In August 2020, Argentina and Mexico I signed an agreement To produce, fill and distribute in Latin America, excluding Brazil, between 150 million and 250 million doses of the vaccine developed by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford.

The Argentine vaccination campaign began in late December, with 15% of the population vaccinated with one dose so far, while 2% of the population has been vaccinated with two doses.

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