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In the lime brand, gallo gives?  From Newell's to Flamengo, See Atlético-MG's Penalty Shootout Numbers of the Decade |  Athlete - mg

In the lime brand, gallo gives? From Newell’s to Flamengo, See Atlético-MG’s Penalty Shootout Numbers of the Decade | Athlete – mg

A victory that immediately takes the athlete’s memory back to the historic Libertadores of 2013, when São Victor was canonized, and Atletico conquered America for the first (for now) only time. The feeling is that at the crucial moment, if the discord needs to reach the lime mark, it will be Gallo. But is it really so?

Over the past decade (2012-2022), Atlético found themselves in penalty shootouts 11 times. The first in 2013, in the victory over Newell’s Old Boys in Independence, and the last on Sunday, in the endless 8-7 over Flamengo. Very positive memories, but there are also disappointments on this path. General flashbacks indicate balance: six wins and five defeats.

Iverson is one of Atlético-MG’s champions in winning the Brazilian Super Cup – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG

The best performance comes from controversies over the Copa Libertadores, Where the rooster is 100% in the story. Four times, four wins. The last three in the past decade: two in 2013, half (Newell’s Old Boys) and the final (Olympia), and in the 16th round last year (Boca Juniors).

The worst penalty shootout record comes in the Copa del Rey. For the National Championship (where Gallo is the current champion), there have been four controversies in the past decade, with only three defeats and one victory.

The last experience in the Lime brand was the painful elimination of Afogados-PE, in the first stage of 2020. The defeat generated a “revolution” in the club, with the departure of Dudamel and the arrival of Sampaoli and the subsequent contribution of a larger investment to the “4 R’s”.

Walff, Avogados goalkeeper in the win over Atlético MG, in 2020 – Image: Reproduction

In addition to the Copa de Brazil and Libertadores, Gallo has also faced penalty shootouts in the past decade for the Copa Sudamericana and Serie A. (See clashes in the list below).

Iverson tracks the St. Victor Road

The victorious dispute against Flamengo was the second for Iverson since he scored the title against Gallo. 100% followed. Against Boca Juniors, in the Libertadores championship last year, the goalkeeper was more hero: he defended two kicks, and even converted the decisive blow in Mineiro.

For him, the The most unforgettable experience of passing by Which has already crossed the 100-match mark and includes three titles with Alvenegro – Brazil, Copa do Brasil and Supercopa.

Iverson was a hero in Gallo’s feud against Boca Juniors in the 2021 Libertadores Cup – Photo: Reuters / Bruna Prado

Including penalty kicks in normal playing times, Iverson has already defended seven counts in Gallo’s favour. Gradually, he touches on the 20 defenses that Victor managed in more than 420 matches in the Atlético shirt.

In the penalty shootout, Victor was Atlético goalkeeper on seven occasions. He won four, including two of the biggest teams in the club’s history, at the 2013 Libertadores.

Victor is the 2013 Atlético-MG title champion in the Libertadores – Photo: AP

Penalty kicks in the decade

Brazilian Super Cup: Atletico 2 (8) x (7) 2 Flamengo

Round of 16 – Libertadores: Atletico 0 (3) x (1) 0 Boca Juniors

Stage One – Brasil Cup: Afogados-PE 2 (7) x (6) 2 Atlético

Avogados da Injeza surprises Atletico MG in the Copa Brasil 2020

Semi-finals – Copa Sudamericana: Atlético 2 (3) x (4) 1 Colon-Argh
Second stage – Copa Sudamericana: Atlético 1 (3) x (0) 0 Ittihad La Calera Chi

Round of 16 – Copa de Brazil: Chapecoense 0 (4) x (3) 0 Atletico
Third stage – Copa del Rey: Atletico 1 (4) x (2) Figuernese

In a match full of strong emotions, Atlético MG beat Figueirense on penalties in Hortó

In a match full of strong emotions, Atlético MG beat Figueirense on penalties in Hortó

Final – Primeira Liga: Londrina 0 (4) x (2) 0 Atletico

Quarter-final – Brazil Cup: Juventude 1 (4) × (2) 0 Atletico

Final – Libertadores: Atletico 2 (4) x (3) 0 Olympia-Par
Semi-finals – Libertadores: Atletico 2 (3) x (2) 0 Newell’s Old Boys-Argentina

Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG – Photo: Disclosure

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