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In Power Couple Brasil, Nina does not trust the attack and revolts with competitors · TV news أخبار

No Brazil Power Couple 5And the Nina waterfall He began to suspect that he would be attacked by competitors while forming DR, on Wednesday (16) the digital influencer revolted with the supposed strategy of the game’s opponents and said that she hates voting groups.

“I was shocked that this would happen,” said Philip Duarte’s wife. GB Mantovani e Deborah Albuquerque. “I just heard, they’re going to you, and Junior [Ângelo] it’s the thiago [Bertoldo]’,” the phoenix couple member warned.

Surprised by the information, Nina asked for more information about what I heard the actress before. “Thiago said he’s coming to talk to us and he doesn’t come anymore,” Deborah noted. “We’ve been finding Thiago a little weird lately,” the model added.

The digital content said, “They make their own decisions. I’m really crazy, they make a decision for everyone to come to me. So angry because I hate people who collect votes, I hate it! I’m disgusted.”

JB tried to calm the ally He recalled the dynamics of the game: “This is normal [combinar votos], as they were in recent opinion polls. “” Wow! If that happens, you’ll see me talking. I promised Nina that I’m not so hungry as I am angry.”

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