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In Neymar case, Spanish court prevents money from selling Kiki

In Neymar case, Spanish court prevents money from selling Kiki

Kaiki has been sold to Spain’s Almeria (Credit: Ivan Storti/Santos FC)

President Andres Rueda, in a meeting with the Consultative Council of Santos, revealed that the Spanish tax authorities had prevented the money from the sale of defender Caique to Almeria, from Spain, due to non-payment of taxes on the sale of Neymar to Almeria. Barcelona.

Pixie officially announced the deal to sell defender K’Equique to Almería, from Spain, on July 19. The sale of Menino da Villa for 7 million euros (about 37.5 million Brazilian riyals) became the eighth largest sale of the club. Santos will continue to profit if the defender scores goals at the Spanish club.

According to President Andres Rueda, the payment will be made in instalments. In three of them, which total 4.5 million euros (about 22 million Brazilian reais) to be paid this year, they have been blocked.

However, the manager admitted the delay in making payments image rights He revealed his concern about payroll payments this week. The Spanish court is charging 17 million Brazilian reais, including interest and fines.

“The failure to pay taxes for nearly 10 years led to this ban, which greatly complicated our calculations. But in any case, there is no point in complaining,” he said.

“The sale of Neymar was what Santos paid the most. We practically paid for Neymar,” continues Rueda.

Neymar’s departure has been controversial since 2013. Santos sued FIFA while Modesto Roma Junior was still managing it, charging €61 million in transfer compensation on the grounds that payments to the player’s father should be transferred to the club.

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Alfinggro was defeated at football’s highest body, but appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), a Switzerland-based body. However, in July 2020, The Spanish club announced that it also won the operation in the Cup.

Management led by Andres Rueda Getting closer and closer to the player As well as from his family, mostly Neymar the elder. And this succeeded so much that the player was interacting with Peixe on social networks, as well as participating in the proceedings directly in the club.