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Botafogo and John Textor announce a special project for the star Giovanna in the United States

Botafogo and John Textor announce a special project for the star Giovanna in the United States

a Botafogo and co-owner of Alvinegros John Textor We are pleased to announce a special project for Vinagra jewelry Giovanna Waxman, 13, is an athlete with international potential to become one of the greatest names in football. Over the past few months, Textor has led direct conversations with the athlete’s parents, Jacqueline and Renato, and developed a plan based on four pillars: athletic performance, education, family environment and finances. with the strategy, SAF It intends to develop Giovanna Magic Soccer in high profile structures in the United States while promoting an asset, creating black and white projects and promoting a brand abroad.

Giovanna is a warrior who wants to study, dribble, score goals and be a champion. In the United States, a world reference in women’s football, she will develop, get a good education and will always have her parents by her side. You will be a symbol of “Botafogo Academy” and will forever be a Glorioso playerTextor commented.

Giovanna landed in Miami, accompanied by her parents, earlier this week. The athlete will start studying inThe Pine The school‘, an excellent private school in Florida, recognized for its combination of high academic level and athletic performance. The young striker will initially be part of the school’s team, but in the short term will be one of the newcomers of the “Botafogo Academy”, a network of schools that John Textor, with the SAF team, plans to open soon in Florida..

It is a dream come true and I hope to make the best of it. I am very happy with the opportunity John and Botafogo gave me. I will be able to develop my own football and represent Botafogo abroad‘” described the glorious young woman, Giovanna.

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