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Persona 3 Reload will fix the controversial Social Link mechanic

Persona 3 Reload will fix the controversial Social Link mechanic

While it has become one of the more enduring (and copied) elements of the franchise, when the Social Links system was first introduced in Persona 3 Done still needs some tweaks and being controversial among gamers. It seems that Atlus has listened to players’ feedback regarding this and one of the main complaints will be changed significantly in the upcoming new version called Persona 3 update.

Contrary to what will be seen in his successors, Persona 3 It had a mechanic called “Broken”, in which if the player spent too long without interacting with someone or made wrong decisions in important interactions, progression with that social link would become impossible, preventing the player from accessing important aspects of the game.

The version of this mechanic also has a state called Reverse that is activated when you ignore a character. In an interview with Famitsu (translated by Noisy Pixel), the director of the remake, Takuya Yamaguchi, revealed that significant changes have been made to the game. Persona 3 updateincluding the complete removal of a broken social link and a reversal that is difficult to activate and can still be undone.

Yamaguchi explained that he believed it “would be very bad if a ‘broken’ result occurred and the social link could no longer progress”. However, “after much thought”, the mechanic was removed entirely. Naturally, the decision divided opinions, with some wanting the game to remain as faithful to the original experience as possible and others grateful that access to certain content could no longer be lost due to wrong decisions. Despite these changes, this is confirmed Persona 3 update It will not display any content added in previous re-releases of the game such as Persona 3 FES that it Persona 3 Portable.

Persona 3 update PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will launch via Steam and the Microsoft Store in early 2024.

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