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In collaboration with the US government, MS scientists are conducting research on fertilizer application - education and technology

In collaboration with the US government, MS scientists are conducting research on fertilizer application – education and technology

In a long-term study, UEMS researchers will evaluate the benefits and impacts of agricultural products in the soil.

In the photo above, the soil was analyzed during research in the state of Oklahoma in the United States. Below, in the territory of Mundo Novo, in MS. (Photo: Reproduction / State Government)

A project developed by UEMS (Mato Grosso do Sul State University) researchers in Mundo Novo, 463 kilometers from Combo Grande, aims to evaluate the long-term feasibility of working with members of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Use of various agricultural products to produce fertilizers.

In addition to measuring the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon storage in the soil, the aim is to expand the range of organic matter and evaluate their effects on soil physiology, chemical and biological quality, and the productivity of agricultural crops. .

According to Leandro Marciano Marra, manager of the UEMS research division in the city, he explains that the soil in the region has an average elevation of 270 meters and a tidal relief. In the United States, the experiments will be carried out in the state of Oklahoma, a major region of American agriculture.

“The partnership will be formed over a long period of time and aims to set up test sites in both countries. Tests will be established at UEMS ‘Complex III in Mundo Novo, Brazil, on sandy loam soil areas, subject to two commercial crops per year.”

The 26th COP (United Nations Conference on Climate Change) was presented by the state administration in line with key state general policies for environmental management, such as reducing carbon consumption through the Carbon Neutral State Plan 2030. .

In addition, the results obtained will provide the government with metrics that demonstrate the adherence and commitment to the “Race to Zero” and “Alliance under 2” campaigns organized by the United Nations (United Nations).

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It is also estimated that improving soil quality and its impact on greenhouse gas emissions can contribute to planning for the conversion of mineral fertilizers by organominerals.

“We are facing a crisis in the supply of mineral fertilizers in Brazil and the United States, which makes the study of alternative sources of fertilizers in different climatic conditions very interesting,” says Professor Diego Sauce.

Then, UEMS evaluates to enter into an agreement between the company and the department, which makes it possible to send students for transfers and training in the US.

In December, Professors Drs. Leandro Marciano Marra, Diego Jose, Leandro Fleck, Celine Cristina de Pierre Castilho and Jean Sergio Roset joined Dr. Travis Witt, a researcher at the Grazing Research Laboratory, in the portfolio. US Government.