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The epidemic is bringing Brazilian immigrants illegally to the United States – internationally

YUMA, United States – A U.S. border patrol agent posted next to a massive border wall saw passengers alighting from a car on the Mexican side of the road. “Oh, no,” he murmured. “More is coming here.” Over the next few hours, dozens of people descended the bare mountain, crossed a puddle where the Colorado River was shrinking, and crossed a rust barrier set up between them, without fans. United States That’s it Mexico.

They were completing the last leg of their journey, which began weeks or months ago in Brazil, Cuba, India and Venezuela. In the case of Brazil, the group of immigrants must return Shown this week, on a plane arranged by the Biden government Estado.

“At home, they say, the new president will facilitate entry and the need for labor,” said Rodrigo Neto, from Brazil, where the epidemic ended his career and left him in debt. “I could not miss the opportunity.”

Neto, 55, closed the electrician business, sold the car and collected savings for the day.

Like many in Brazil and other countries devastated by the epidemic, he was unable to obtain a visa to enter the United States. Instead, he traveled Sa Palo Until then Mexico City From there Tijuana, Where a kidnapping driver met his group. They were then taken across the border into Arizona to a road in Alcoton, Mexico, where they were recently dropped off this morning.

It took about 10 minutes to go from there County Road8, A border patrol agent parked near an opening in the wall.

In the most recent months, a very different wave of immigrants has arrived, for which the Biden government is not ready: infectious refugees.

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According to official data released last week, 30% of all families found at the border in April were from countries other than Mexico. Guatemala, Honduras e Redeemer. In April 2019, that figure was 7.5%.

On the border between United States And in Mexico, agents have detained people from more than 160 countries in recent months, and the geography is in line with the path of the greatest catastrophe caused by the virus.

Further 12,500 Ecuadorian population Found in March, an increase related to this 3,568 were seen in January. Almost 4 thousand Brazilians And more 3,500 Venezuela Previously, suspended 300 e284, Respectively, found in January.

Border patrol agents in charge of the Yuma Department say the number of immigrants now is much larger than the tidal wave of Central Americans that spurred some drastic measures to combat the immigration imposed by the former president. Donald Trump. They said they were surprised to see the distances these new immigrants had traveled.

“Many people around the world have seen a decline in their quality of life. No wonder they chose to travel to the United States,” said Andrew Celly, head of the Migration Policy Institute. / COM NY