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“I feel calm” TV news

“I feel calm” TV news

João Guilherme Silva, son of Faustão, took over the program that belonged to his father after his departure from the Band, announced in May. The heir participated in the Faustão na Band alongside Fausto Silva and felt nervous about having to share space with the veteran. With the Gravity Bearer gone, he is relieved to be less expensive. “I was more relaxed,” he admitted.

Silva presented the program with Anne Lottermann, who also participated in Faustão na Band. He felt more free to run the show in prime time after his father quit in order to “rest and enjoy the family”.

“Was there any difference when you sang for the first time with your father, and then without your father? From the moment he left and you went on?” asked broadcaster Boo Uzueta, from the Pod Delas podcast, on Friday (14).

“I was calmer after that [da saída de Faustão]. I relaxed! Because with him there… I’m a guy who likes him a lot, a huge fan, and I don’t think I ever want to be wrong in front of him. The heir revealed something like: “I want to make my father proud.”

“From the moment he was no longer there, I said, ‘I need to take this space, let’s go!'” “Being with him for a year and a half has been very good for my career, and it puts you in such a situation that you need to overcome,” Faustau’s son noted.

Why did Faustau leave the Band?

Fausto Silva announced in May that he was leaving Fausto in the band. The decision was made by mutual agreement between the broadcaster and the broadcaster. In an exclusive interview with the newsHe revealed that he wanted to rest after feeling exhausted by showing him a daily TV program:

I will stop for a while. The daily schedule is stressful. [A Band] I gave a dash and managed to average 3.5 points in complex time.

“It’s time to rest, take a break, catch up with friends, enjoy family. It’s been going at a very fast pace. [programa] Every day, every day, even though it’s only recorded three times a week, in fact you’re participating all week,” Faustau said.

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With him gone, Glenda Kozlowski and Zeca Camargo will take over a program that mixes journalism and entertainment starting in August. The new attraction will be called Melhor da Noite and will deal with topics such as cooking, sports and health and will have humor panels.