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How to watch Ultimate Fighter 31 in the UK

How to watch Ultimate Fighter 31 in the UK

Season 31 of The last fighter Conor McGregor and Michael Sandler train opposing teams of competitors on the UFC telecast.

McGregor and Chandler’s team consists of mixed martial artists preparing for a UFC contract and fighters looking to make a comeback after fighting for the promotion in the past. Only one fighter will emerge victorious from this show.

McGregor has trained with this program in the past, winning with his team against Urijah Faber in 2015.

It’s a rare occurrence for two trainers to be on the show but not fight each other afterwards, and McGregor v Chandler was announced later this year.

No date, venue or weight class has been confirmed, but both fighters have confirmed the bout will take place.

First chapter The last fighter Season 31 aired on Tuesday 30 May in the US and on Thursday 1 June in the UK. The series will air weekly episodes until the season finale on August 15.

In the US, the show airs on ESPN and ESPN+. In the UK, BT Sport is streaming the show on television, as well as its website and app. Episodes air every Thursday at 22:00 BST.

Notably, BT Sport will be rebranded as TNT Sports in July.

At the end of episode 1 of the new season The last fighterOne of McGregor’s supporters was knocked out in eight seconds.

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