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How to Print a SUS Card | productivity

It is possible to print a file SUS Card in a few clicks. The document, officially called the National Health Card (CNS), collects all citizen information from the unified health system, such as personal data, identification and history of care, consultations and examinations. The file can be downloaded for printing quickly through the platform Plug in SUSby logging in with the account Gov.br – an action that can also be performed Cellular. Check below how to issue a printable digital SUS card.

The SUS card can be accessed through your Gov.br account; See how to print it – Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes / TechTudo

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How to print a SUS card

Step 1. Access Connect SUS (conectesus-paciente.saude.gov.br/login) and click on the “Login with Gov.br” button;

Log in with Conta Gov.br to print a second copy of your SUS card online – Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandez

Step 2. On the Gov.br account login page, enter your CPF number and click Continue;

SUS card: the document number can be consulted in Conecta SUS after logging in – Photo: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 3. Enter your password and click “Enter”;

Enter your password to access Connect SUS – Photo: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 4. After logging in, click on the card that shows your name in the upper corner of the screen;

Find out how to access your SUS card through the Connect SUS website – Image: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 5. On the profile page, click on the “Cartão Nacional de Saúde” button;

Find out how to access a printable SUS card – Image: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandez

Step 6. The SUS Card will be displayed. Then, click on the download button at the top of the screen;

The SUS card can be accessed on the computer – Image: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandez

Step 7. Open the file and select the “Print” option to send it for printing. You can also press the “Ctrl + P” keys on your keyboard.

Find out how to print the SUS card after downloading the file from the computer – Image: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandez

ready. Now you know how to get access to a printable SUS card.

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