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"Traveler on Maps", Art and Science from Chissano to Labaro

“Traveler on Maps”, Art and Science from Chissano to Labaro

From Saturday May 15th to Sunday, May 30th offers you zero.Rover no maps“Science, art and literature. A multidisciplinary approach, between science, art, multisensory and socialization of experiences, which brings together, simplifies and disseminates scientific culture. Find out, know, do. Explore the region, learn about the relationship between humans and nature and do – that is, respect, support, adapt, adapt and act.

The three themes, the three phases, the three years of “Rover on Maps” are the topic Complexo vulcânico de Sabatino and Borgo di Cesano. The Wanderer in the Maps lives them through science, art, and literature, for the first time in three years. The project, promoted by the culture of Rome, is the winner of the Eureka Roma 2020-2021-2022 Public Notice, promoted by the Cultural Activities Department and implemented in cooperation with Siae.

The second year, this year, is devoted to knowledge. Identify by imagining new connections and creating new relationships: between the natural elements of the landscape and human elements, between the past and the present, between what is observed and everyday reality. Scientific knowledge of the problems of existence (and the evolution of existence) is sustainable.

Mixed natural forests, deforestation and modern artificial afforestation. The lakes and canals of ancient Rome, scientific data on the state of conservation of water reserves and the efficiency of the water network; Human and natural pollution, climate change and drought. Traditional agricultural practices with pastures, crops and farmland. Research the sound landscape for animals in the region. These are the keys to “re-reading the region” and exploring the evolution of human-environmental relationships in the company of professionals. Learn, from their own experiences, the relationship between community development and problems with preserving natural habitats.

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Knowledge Path, Journey, Pathway, Unified School, Assisted Landscape Classes, Mediation, Simultaneous Interpretation, Support, Illumination by Scientists, Artists, Actors and Authors, including concerts and readings, hiking and excursions, digital narratives, audio mapping, and games , Experiments, stories and reports.

From 15 to 30 May 2021, free participation and mandatory reservations, a program aimed at an audience of all ages, always available in podcasts and recordings on communication channels associated with the project.

The exhibition presents (May 15 at 5 pm Parque FB Bracciano-Martignano) “ENTOMOCLIP. Small and discreet. Seeing Insects Up Close ”, an educational science fair in digital form by taxon classes, created from Bracciano Martinano Regional Natural Park.

The National Electro-Acoustic Composition Competition, which targets young musicians attending higher academic courses at Italian conservatories, is also proposed for aspiring participants – call on May 30, 2021, deadline September 30, 2021 – opportunity to experiment with creating a photoelectric music The experiment begins with free electronic use The processing of ambient sound samples identified in the municipality of XV in Rome, within the park of Bracciano-Martignano, ranging from concrete to ambient music, from Ambient House to New Age Music and site-specific music, all sponsored by Agting in Italy for the European Commission, and SIMC (Italian Society for Music) Contemporary) and FKL (Klanglandschaft Forum – Sound Scene Forum).

Among the presentations, on Friday, May 21, at 8 pm, at the church of San Giovanni Battista in Borgo di Sisano, “RDHEK DUO”, immediate compositions with shruti-box, hurdy-gurdy tenor and bansuri flots by and with Corrado Fantoni, multidisciplinary artist, composer, musician and music contest coordinator, David Monachy is a multidisciplinary artist, composer, sound engineer, founder and director of Extinction Fragments, an approach to scientific and artistic publishing that relies on recordings of natural environments to create awareness about the global biodiversity crisis.
Saturday, May 29, 4:30 pm, the art and nature path “Natural Archeology” with Fernanda Bisolano, Anna Paula Bacalove, Irene Maria Giorgi and Gabriel Benedetti, a traveling show that combines art, dance and literature closely related to shapes, colors and sounds of nature .

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Among the laboratories, “Green Diaries 2021”, in cooperation with the Resina Museum System (15 scientific and natural museums in the Lazio region) and in particular with the Energy Museum of Ribe and the Civic Museum “Adolfo Klitsche De La Grange” of Allumiere, which proposes “Discovery Collections” , Are the portable bags that contain natural results, samples, experiments, simple tools, a small introductory learning guide for teachers, IWB presentation and cards for carrying out activities by students.

Several themes collaborate on the project, including Bracciano Martignano’s Regional Natural Park; Cesano Agricultural University. The Diocese of San Giovanni Battista de Sisano, the Comprehensive Institute of Enzo Biagi and the Institute of Higher Education Biagio Pascal de Labarro, whose school principal is Prof. Antonio VolpiHe commented:This year, too Pascal, in compliance with legislation against COVID-19, aims to join the project with the aim of spreading interest in scientific research and culture among the younger generations.

For the entire program click here. Free participation and compulsory reservation. For information and reservations: Ti con Zero 3498728813 – [email protected]