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What is the size of your little finger?  He has verses about you

What is the size of your little finger? He has verses about you

It’s amazing how some simple details about our bodies and our perceptions can be combined with Character traits. Evidence for this is the little finger test, which reveals personality traits only by measuring the smallest finger on the hand.

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Learn how to do the little finger test now

To understand more about your personality by the size of your pinky, simply compare your height in relation to the height of the last knuckle on your finger. That is, see if your little finger goes through the joint or if it is smaller than it is.

The answers to the test are as follows:

1 – Is your little finger short? then:

If your little finger is short, compared to the last knuckle of the ring finger, this means that your personality is that of an introverted and more reserved person. When it comes to being around strangers, these traits are even more obvious.

However, make no mistake, there is plenty of talent and potential within you just waiting to be unleashed. Because of shyness, staying in the comfort zone can be the most elective option in many circumstances. Think about it and start acting more proactively to achieve your plans and goals.

2 – Longer finger What does that mean?

Now, if your little finger is longer than the last knuckle of your ring finger, enthusiasm is part of your personality and is always in the spotlight. You are an adventurous person who awakens passion in others. This means that even against your will, attention is directed at you all the time.

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His ability to get along with a lot of different people makes his personality very friendly. Parties and social gatherings are not the same in the face of their absence.

3 – Medium Size:

Finally, if the size of the little finger is at the same height as the ring joint, there is a greater tendency to balance. In other words, all the characteristics mentioned so far are a part of you. The challenge focuses on figuring out how to act according to the need that the moment demands.

Try to vent extraversion in the situations that make it possible. Likewise, use your introspective side to think about your actions and your life goals. Set goals and act as planned.