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Jornal de Pomerode – Doctor Pomerode is being investigated for working in another country while on health leave

The first public prosecutor’s office in Pomerod opened a civil investigation with the aim of investigating a possible act of administrative wrongdoing by an active physician in the city. According to a complaint filed by the municipal administration, Marcela Mendonca Silva was working in the state of Pernambuco, while she was on paid vacation in Pomerode. The information was published through the news portal O Município Blumenau and also in the Official Journal of the MPSC.

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She worked as a professional doctor in the Secretariat of Administrative and Farm Administration for 20 working hours per week. According to data from the Public Prosecution fact sheet – a procedure prior to the civil investigation – she left the municipality as of July 2020.

The investigator submitted medical certificates justifying her permission due to health problems. At that time, I applied for a single treatment leave and sickness benefit.

However, it was discovered that in her absence, while receiving her normal wages, the employee was an expert medical doctor on several lawsuits in Recife, for the judiciary in Pernambuco.

During this period, the city of Pomerod had to pay more expenses, as another doctor was appointed to exercise Marcella’s duties, due to the licenses obtained.

Also according to Factual News, when questioned by the Pomerod Municipal Administration, the doctor chose to request his dismissal. In light of this fact, MP-SC has launched an investigation.

With information from Blumenau Municipality