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How science can help us strengthen democracy - 23/07/2022 - Opinion

How science can help us strengthen democracy – 23/07/2022 – Opinion

On Sunday (24/7), the 74th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) opened in Brasilia, on the campus of UnB, which we have the honor to direct. We have a great responsibility, given the difficult times that Brazil is going through, but we will overcome, yes, we are all united.

At the 74th meeting, we reaffirmed our absolute commitment to democracy, which arose in the struggle against dictatorship, when the annual meetings, from North to South Brazil, were a moment of breath and drafting of projects for a democratic country.

The illustrious names, including the future Presidents of the Republic, Fernando Enrique Cardoso and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, brought joy to our meetings in defense of the rule of law, democracy and social inclusion.

We also fought, during the Constituent Assembly period, to draft a constitution for the citizens, which not only restored the rule of law and democratic guarantees, but also designed what Brazil wanted to be: a peaceful, just, prosperous, solidarity and poverty-free country. or prejudices.

In addition, it identified several means to reach this goal, such as the promotion of basic education, the development of scientific and technological research, especially in postgraduate studies, culture, health, environmental protection and indigenous peoples, and social inclusion.

Most recently, the SBPC fought for the 85th Constitutional Amendment, which enhances the role of science in economic and social development. In recent years, efforts have been made to restore and improve education, research and other previously mentioned fields, which were seriously damaged in this period by the policies of slashing, censorship, and institutional dismantling.

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But the main thing is what we will show. With the topic “Science, Independence and National Sovereignty,” we will discuss how we got here and ways to improve Brazil. How can accurate knowledge solve the problems left behind by centuries of discrimination, decades of pollution, and the redundancy of foolish government policies?

From the Battle of Jenipapo, a visit to the history of Grão-Pará, and a discussion of the legacy of One Hundred Years of Modern Art Week, to a debate on indigenous policies and the consequences of environmental destruction, we will show how democracy, our greatest commitment is to underpin the building of state policies that lead Brazil to true sovereignty and independence Hence, it must be maintained and improved.

We will also celebrate the 60th anniversary of UnB, the foundation that welcomes us, which grew out of the ideas of Darcy Ribeiro and Anisio Teixeira.

Exhibits at the 74th Annual Meeting will showcase the faces of science from the past 200 years, with a spotlight on naturalist Fritz Muller. We will tell the history and importance of electronic voting machines, the focus of current political debate and the product of Brazilian scientific and technological progress, in discussions, books and exhibitions. We will talk about the epidemic and its effects on hunger and education.

As we have done for nearly 30 years, with SBPC Jovem, Expot&C, and SBPC Família concluding the meeting, we will be showing young people and their families how science permeates and improves our lives.

Articles published jointly do not reflect the opinion of the newspaper. His publication serves the purpose of stimulating debate on Brazilian and global problems and reflects the different directions of contemporary thought.

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