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"He's short and I'm big"

“He’s short and I’m big”

Anderson Daronko joked about his fitness compared to Hulk, from Atletico MG

In an interview with the channelunimpeded“, No Youtube, Refree Anderson Daronko He joked that he would hit the attacker the structure, Act Atletico MG, in a fight.

Even the judge, who is known for his great physique, said that he measured his size compared to the former Brazilian national team and diagnosed that “big boyClose to the athlete.

“Yes (I was going to defeat the Temple in a fight). I’ll even tell you something about this me me (Who is stronger, Hulk or Daronko). I already knew this was going to happen.”

“Once the Hulk moved to Brazilian football, I thought:”Players will create some fun as soon as the first Atlético-MG game whistle“And by chance it was an open network game.”

“I even joked when the scale appeared. I said to the little flags:”Well, create fashion. The first ball we pass close to each other, something will come out with that meaning,” he said.

“But I’m not cocky. I waited, during the warm-up, that time we’d go through the tunnel, before the game, to go to the stadium. I thought:”I’ll pass by the guy’s side to see if I’m older‘, Limbaugh.

“If I was bigger, I’d be by his side during the match and eventually I would show up. Now, if he’s bigger, I’ll run. Then, at match time, I saw that. It’s a ratio like me and Amaral.” [ex-Palmeiras, Vasco e Corinthians]. it’s short. Then I said:I am a bigThen, during the game, there was a situation that I insisted on staying together, just waiting me me“I smile.

Darunka even laughed when asked if he would also defeat the Hulk in terms of a bigger butt.

Shoot “I was going to lose a lot”.