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"Galiot is the one who won, Laila didn't win any b***"

“Galiot is the one who won, Laila didn’t win any b***”

“Hopefully, as Palmarians, she will also have a chance to win,” said Felipe Melo of Leila Pereira.

Steering wheel Felipe MillParticipated in audio notation Palombadha on them I sent a message to Laila Pereira, the new head of Palm trees.

Although rooting for the leader’s success, he also caught the owner crevisa He said that the titles Ferdao won in recent years did not refer to this, but rather to the management Maurice Galliot.

“I would like to leave a suggestion to the next Palmeiras president. I hope you win, because so far Galliot has been victorious at the club. You didn’t get any b*** in the club. Now she’s coming in as president and hopefully, as Palmeirense, she’ll also have a chance to win,” pitbull, who recently signed with Fluminense.

Despite the strong words, Milo highlighted a specific action by Leila Pereira as patron of crevisa.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, Alviverde Club did not lay off workers and continued with all employees.

“I even want to express my thanks to Leila, who honored her word in the midst of the pandemic as a patron, which is why Palmeiras has been and remains a reference and mirror club. Not a single employee has been fired. I say this very much.. Pride.. regardless of contract renewal I want to leave my thanks here. Shepherd saved lives‘ Felipe noted.

Even the athlete suggested that “Stain Alfie Green”, the fans of Palmeiras, organized the move to Gol Sol, opposite where she is today.

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In position, in addition to being close to the pitch, the defensive midfielder believes that the pressure imposed will be greater.

“She, as it seems, is a president united with the fans, putting on”green spot‘Behind the goals.’ The pressure will be much greater. dont letmancha‘It was played to the far right, because it’s an audience that sings and rattles all the time. Example in the final in Montevideo. After our fans come back, look at the difference you’ve made.”

“There were fewer lemmers in the Libertadores, but the fans gave a lesson in how to cheer. It was 90 minutes and 30 minutes of overtime singing. The whole time.” Ali was not a fan of Modena, he was a fan of singing, cheering and helping the team. If Palmeiras wins at that time with the fans on the right wing, it will be more with the fans behind the goals”, concluded Felipe Melo.