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Harvard University offers a free introductory computer science course

a Fundação Estudar Updated and made available for free Harvard’s most popular course: CC50 Introduction to Computer Science. The cycle completed ten years in 2021 and has gained a new HD version with updates that have come out in recent years. Lessons are available free of charge with translation in Portuguese.

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Harvard University offers a free introductory computer science course

In addition to content and format updates, the program has been expanded and lasted from 10 to 11 weeks. Classes are now available in the development environment of the original Harvard course. The name CC50 is a translation of the original “CS50”, but with an emphasis on the Portuguese-speaking audience.

The course can be a great opportunity for both those who want to start a career in technology, whether they are entering university or considering a career change, and for those who want to learn a little bit about programming.

What does the CC50 course teach?

CC50 is aimed at people who have no prior knowledge but would like to learn about computer science. In classes, the student will learn basic concepts of computing and the Internet, such as programming, algorithms, and project development, as well as gain access to a community of students with varying levels of experience in the area.

Classes are taught by faculty members: David J. Malan, Professor of Computer Science Practice and Fellow of the Harvard School of Education, creator of the CS50 course; Doug Lloyd, Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Continuing Education at Harvard University; and Brian Yu, Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Continuing Education at Harvard University.

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What do CC50 classes look like?

  • 25 hours of video lessons with case studies and theory;
  • Introduction to programming and computer science.
  • How to think algorithmically and solve programming problems efficiently.
  • Familiarity with programming languages ​​such as C, Python, SQL, and Java Script, as well as CSS and HTML;
  • concepts of algorithms, data structures, abstraction, encapsulation, resource management, security, software engineering, and web development;
  • How to develop and submit a final project.

How to enroll in a free online course at Harvard University

For CC50, access the course page through this link (Available here) and click I want to register. On the page that will open, fill in the form with your data and confirm your registration to access the full course.

On the course page, the Introduction and 10 further study units will be available, as well as a booklet with supplementary material.