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Participation in data science courses applied to the judiciary – Federal Justice Council

Participation in data science courses applied to the judiciary – Federal Justice Council

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08/14/2023 1:46 PM

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08/14/2023 14:07

The Department of Judicial Research of the National Council of Justice (DPJ/CNJ) informs that the Data Science courses applicable to the judiciary below are available for enrollment, in a self-teaching form, on the Moodle platform for Training and Improvement Center for Judicial Personnel – CEAJUD.

machine learning

The purpose of the courseProvide the student with theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the main unsupervised and supervised machine learning methods.

Text analysis

Course purpose: Import and process data in textual form, produce descriptive summaries, and apply unsupervised and supervised analysis methods.

Python for data analysis:

Course purpose: Use Python to analyze data, perform manipulation, manipulate and organize data using descriptive statistics and create graphs.

Dashboards with Power BI:

Course purpose: To enable students to use Microsoft Power BI software for data analysis and dashboard creation, Dashboards with Power BI training consists of video chapters divided into five knowledge units, accompanied by assessments to enhance learning.

Dashboards and dynamic reports with R:

Course purpose: Enable the student to use R statistical computing and graphics software to plan, build, and publish dashboards based on {shiny}, and produce dynamic data analysis reports using {rmarkdown}.

Fundamentals of Statistics for Data Science

Course purpose: Introducing basic concepts of statistics
Descriptive, exploratory and deductive.

R for data analysis

Course objective: Use R software to import, manipulate, and organize data, manipulate and analyze data using descriptive statistics, and create a graph.

Source: CNJ