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'Grays Anatomy' actor leaves the series after 12 seasons as Avery - Entertainment

‘Grays Anatomy’ actor leaves the series after 12 seasons as Avery – Entertainment

Actor Jesse Williams, known for reviving Jackson Avery Gray’s Anatomy, He wouldn’t be a part of the cast in one of Shonda Rhimes’ most popular series. This information was confirmed by the ABC channel responsible for producing and showing the plot to the international press.

“Jesse Williams is an extraordinary artist and activist,” said Vernoff. Watching her evolution over the past 11 years, both on and off the screen, has been a real gift. Jesse brings a lot of heart, deep care and a lot of intelligence to his work. ”Jesse and Jackson Avery, executive producer, said we’re going to miss so much – they played so well. Perfect for many years ” Grey’s AnatomyKrista Vernoff in a statement sent to US websites Deadline and Variety.

In recent years, Williams has expanded beyond acting. Take out episodes Anatomy of Grey’s and the Rebel, From ABC, and built a broad approach as a producer.

Krista Vernoff said that the writers of the series have had long conversations about how to end Jackson’s story to make sure it satisfies audiences. In the end, the idea everyone supported was to return Sarah Drew, like April Kepner, to a proper farewell, ending one of the show’s most popular husbands, “Gabriel”.

Jesse Williams joined the cast Gray’s Anatomy As a resident of the sixth season, he will bid farewell to the plot as head of the plastic surgery sector. In all, the artist participated in 12 of the 17 seasons of the series.

His last appearance was in an episode called “Tradition,” which will air on May 20 in the United States.

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