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Mila writer is suing Zambelli for 200,000 Brazilian reals for the Netinho video

Mila writer is suing Zambelli for 200,000 Brazilian reals for the Netinho video

Milla’s composer, Manu Joyce, has sued Congresswoman Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP) for moral and material damages. A total of 200,000 BRL is being requested because of a video that she shared in which singer Netinho sings the chorus of the song in support of the president Jair Bolsonaro (Without a party).

The confusion began after the deputy shared the video on her YouTube channel. The pictures show Netinho singing “Milla” during a Right to work on Avenida Paulista, In Sao Paulo, last Saturday (1). Before filing a lawsuit against Zampelli, Joyce through his attorney asked this Parliament removes the video from the air.

“She said she’d think, but she didn’t take the video,” Joyce said. Twitter. “So we filed a lawsuit last night.”

The claim is 100,000 R $ for moral damages and 100,000 R $ for property damage. He explains that Song “In a publisher associated with Sony Music and did not allow music to be used in the demo.” On the other hand, the amount of R $ 100,000 in compensation for moral damages is due to the composer’s association with undemocratic work.

Joyce said, “Nettino can play and sing ‘Mila’ in his performances, wherever he wants. The problem is transferring music, without permission from the author, to political work contrary to what I believe in.”

I don’t want my music to be compatible with an anti-democratic notion, and I ask the Supreme Federal Court (STF) to intervene
Manno Góes, musician and composer

For the author, the operation symbolized two struggles: politics and music.

“It is important to discuss copyright. Polsonarian composers may not care, but it is copyright not to want to link their music to politics. From the authors’ point of view, people’s disrespect to the use of music as they see fit,” says Joyce.

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Yvette Silence

The song is closely related to Netinho, and the song will now be re-recorded by Daniela Mercury. “Mila will enter the ring with a new voice, a watershed in ax music, and that is Daniella, the Queen,” says Goss, who also commented on the silence about politics of another Ax legend, singer Yvette Sangalo.

He said, “Yvette is a very strong actress at Axi, and her entire career has chosen to shy away from controversies.” “I can’t say she has the same position as Daniela, which is right.”

The role of the artist must always be participatory. Art is transformative, but nobody can demand this commitment from anyone
Manno Góes, musician and composer

She sought, advised a Zambelli advisor that she would send a response as soon as it was available.