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Google Photos update gets 12 video editing filters

Google Photos update gets 12 video editing filters

Google Photos users can now find 12 new exclusive special effects for editing videos through the apps. The Google service has received an update that makes it possible to make the editing process more complicated with the help of the update. Be sure to check out the changes!

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Google Images has news

The new effect pack can be found under the Effects tab in the editor. There, users will come across different kinds of things, such as retro-style filters to a “fish-eye” lens effect. According to information from the YouTube In Depth Tech Reviews channel, some of the filters that should appear in the promote they:

  • reactionary
  • lomographic cameras and aged appearance;
  • Monochrome option
  • “Layout” mode, which divides the video into smaller frames;
  • Poster effect
  • torn paper
  • Fisheye lens filter.

This new addition improves the versatility of Google Photos in a file video editing. Although the app is specifically intended for photo editing, the service is gradually integrating features to consolidate all adjustment options into a single tool.

So far, this Effects tab is available on some devices of the Google Pixel line. According to data from the Canaltech portal, there is no estimate of when the novelty will arrive for other models, but the probability is that the feature will arrive gradually, within a few months.

To use the function, you just need to click on the “Modify” option in the application and look for the “Effects” tab.

The package also includes a video player

to updates Not limited to filters. Greater control over the video player has also been implemented within the app. The novelty in question allows you to display a pause button and two additional icons to go forward or backward, all by tapping on the screen. It should be noted that this mod is being rolled out gradually.

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Other improvements related to photo editing in the web version, which has also been getting new features in recent weeks.