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Google launches a tool to remove personal data in Brazil

Google launches a tool to remove personal data in Brazil

The feature allows users to remove address, phone number, and email from search results

On Tuesday (June 11, 2024), Google launched a new tool that allows Brazilians to remove their personal data, such as address, phone number and email, from Google search results. Big tech. The announcement was made during a company event in Sao Paulo.

Named Privacy in results about youThe feature will also alert users when there are matching results in the search. Google also announced that it plans to expand, this year in Brazil, the functionality to cover the removal of numbers from official documents, such as CPF, CNH and passport.

To request removal, the user must:

  • Access to Google programclick on your Google Account picture and select the “Privacy in results about you” option (or click this connection Which leads directly to the page);
  • Click “Start Now”, add personal data (name, address, phone, email) in the settings, select the option “I confirm that the contact data I added here belong to me” and click “Continue”;
  • Next, a list of Google search results containing personal information will appear. To request removal, simply click on the three dots next to the result and choose “Remove.” Google will review the request and remove it from search results if it meets the conditions Removal criteria.

More news

On Tuesday (June 11), the company also announced other features in Brazil. One of them is launch LM notebook in the country. The tool uses Gemini – Google’s artificial intelligence – as a personal assistant. Helps users create ideas The content is from the documents uploaded in the tool.

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Also using AI, Google has released the Help Me Write feature for Gmail and Docs. It’s available to Workspace and Google One AI Premium subscribers.

The third new thing is the launch of artificial intelligence resources in the tool.”Company profile“For small and medium businesses. The goal is to improve the performance of slide pages in search and Google Maps.

Through these features, restaurants and bars will be able to digitize their menus by uploading a menu image to their “Business Profile.” Organizations will also be able to integrate their social media accounts in the coming weeks.

The partnership between the company and Abrasel (Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants) will update the “Company Profile” of more than 100,000 bars and restaurants in Brazil by the end of this year.

Google also stated that it will provide the functionality of scheduling appointments and medical examinations. Initially, the platforms covered in the health field are: Dr. Consulta, Doctoralia, Melvi, Livance, a+Medicina Diagnostica/Grupo Fleury. In the beauty sector, appointments can be made on the Trinks, Quadro and Prit platforms.

According to the company, the first phase of implementing the function will be implemented in more than 15,000 companies in the country.