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Capcom says players want stimulating gameplay and engaging characters

Capcom says players want stimulating gameplay and engaging characters

Capcom held a a question To understand what players value most in their games. The results released by the company reveal interesting information about the preferences of the gaming community.

according to a questionThe main feature that players look for in Capcom games is stimulating gameplay. This preference was highlighted by 156,870 votes, showing that dynamics and enjoyment during the game are essential for most players.

In second place, with 136,283 votes, players appreciate unique and engaging characters. Creating engaging and distinctive characters is essential to keeping players interested and connected to the game.

Exciting and unexpected stories ranked third in the classification, with 95,449 votes. This shows that an engaging plot full of twists and turns is an important factor for players when choosing a Capcom game.

Other aspects highlighted in the survey include memorable and exciting soundtracks (81,107 votes), replayable depth (77,254 votes) and high difficulty levels to provide a sense of accomplishment and superiority (69,738 votes).

Also mentioned were the innovative vision of the world (51,052 votes), stunning graphics (34,638 votes), online play with players from all over the world (19,316 votes), and unprecedented experiences or new genres (11,683 votes).

These results highlight the importance of engaging gameplay, engaging characters, and strong narratives in creating successful games.

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