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Will you be able to challenge this AI chat?

Will you be able to challenge this AI chat?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of technology. Programmers have used this technology in a wide variety of activities, from the most complex to the simplest, such as simple chatting. This, by the way, is the premise of OpenAI, which has created an AI chat interface that millions of people encounter.

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ChatGPT is a GPT-based AI chat interface. According to Ars Technica, it’s capable of writing poems, debugging coding errors, and generating art from AI — a bit like an app. Lensa Explain complex concepts.

Programmers managed to develop a special router that uses reinforcement learning human feedback (RLHF) technology. This makes AI dependent on how the humans using it evaluate their responses.

Just a productive conversation

OpenAI wants this to be a conversation for talks Healthy, like a “virtual friend”. ChatGPT is programmed to limit and even not respond to harmful hate speech topics and terms. This is the platform’s biggest challenge.

What happens is that it is difficult to control the offensive tendencies. Despite all the programming behind chat, some people have already been able to circumvent some content filters by asking AI, for example, to look for solutions in fictional scenarios. Moreover, the interface has proven vulnerable to direct attacks.


Another problem the interface presents is that it tends to be a “fan story”. You know that friend who can to lie So good and with so much detail that everyone ends up falling into the story? Well, it looks like ChatGPT has the same motive.

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According to OpenAI, the platform is good at inventing things that don’t exist. For example, a chat can create a book and provide millions of details about it. As a result, the reliability of the tool is impaired.

But fortunately, technology is constantly advancing. This is indeed an improved version of the previous models. GPT-4 will likely be in development, and if used in ChatGPT, it could improve the tool further.

Will you be able to challenge this AI chat?

Since it is still in the testing phase, the chat needs people to challenge it. To do this, you just need to create an account on the OpenAI website – it’s free and fast. After that, just get into the ChatGPT website by clicking here.

Unfortunately, the platform is currently only available in English.