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"Good suggestion for me";  Half the size with the width, but the rude factor weighs and ensures staying in Santos

“Good suggestion for me”; Half the size with the width, but the rude factor weighs and ensures staying in Santos

In 2019, midfielder Jean Motta faced uncertainty at Santos, after Pixie lost the derby, even declaring that he did not know if the club’s board of directors, headed by Jose Carlos Pérez, had included him in the group. At the time, the player referred to “behind the scenes things” the player did not have, referring to alleged proposals from other football teams.

Two years passed and the scenario changed, Jan Motta gained space, delighted coach Fernando Diniz and is now Pixie’s title holder. In an interview with Diário do Peixe, the midfielder recalled the difficult times he went through at Villa, as well as commenting on the suggestions he received:

“Since 2017, there have been proposals to me, some of which I knew, some that I only learned later, and some that didn’t reach me, which saddened me. After a classic show, I wasn’t happy with an interview saying I didn’t know if the board was counting on me. , but because of that, the proposal came and the chief did not speak to me, he did not know what the intention, my plans, and let it go. Accept and do not say anything to me. But I also realized that it was an inappropriate moment, after we lost the classic and had to solve it. internally”.

Jan Motta is living a much better reality in Peixe with a change of management – Photo: Official Flickr Santos Futebol Clube – Author: Iva Storti

As for the player, things have changed in Villa. For example, he mentioned the proposal of Alanyaspor from Turkey this season to sign him. The Turkish team’s intention was to have the player permanently. The Santos leadership, in turn, rejected the proposal. But, according to Jane Motta, the negotiations were conducted correctly.

“Yes, it was a good show for me, but for the club it was not very interesting. But like I said, we talked. Here the president is always in dialogue. It’s another management, it’s other people, that’s right, she always gives information, she understands her side, her side This makes it much easier, he added.

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