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Gogo Liberato’s son celebrates his birthday with his mother – Entertainment

Joao Augusto, Jojo Liberato’s son, turned 20 on Wednesday (10). The boy appeared on the social networking sites of his mother, Rose Miriam, accompanied by her and his girlfriend Gracie. The celebration was held in Miami, United States, where he has lived since he was young.

Rose wrote: “Our children are God’s blessings. Our greatest opportunity to become better people. Happy birthday, my beloved son.”

In August of this year, Joao is back in the news after a video of his father’s inheritanceWhich was destined for justice, was leaked on the Internet. The sisters, Marina and Sophia, recorded a statement in which they spoke about the controversy.

In the photos in question, they spoke of their mistrust towards their aunt, Aparecida Liberato, the inventor of the case, as well as the teacher of underage girls. They accuse their aunt of manipulating them during the process of dividing the inheritance and reveal that this has hindered their relationship with their older brother João Augusto.

The young women also claimed that they did not agree to the $500 allowance (about 2,600 Brazilian reals) they received from their aunt, which, they said, was less than the amount deposited into their brother’s account.

The video also gained prominence due to Sofia’s announcement that she was prevented, by Aparecida, from buying her dream car, a Porsche, and having to keep a car that cost half the first.

In her defence, Sophia explained that the video was leaked and that the topic was much bigger than the story of buying the car.

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“So I’m making this video to clear up a few things for you guys. For all the people criticizing me and judging me, due to the leaked video, I suggest you watch the whole video, so you understand the context of the video. Video. You’ll see that it’s not actually about buying a car, it’s an issue. More serious and important behind it. I would also like to make it clear that my sister and I, we have not given and will not do any interview with anyone, that our process is subject to judicial secrecy. I would also like to say one more thing, that this video was leaked without our consent, to the point that it was only “The eyes of justice and our lawyers are taking all possible steps to resolve this,” she said.