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Mileide teaches Bill math after farm vote TV News

Mileide teaches Bill math after farm vote TV News

On the farm 13 Maylady Mihaly I had to teach a math class to Arcrebian de Araújo, Bill, to explain his choice to vote for Solange Gomez During the formation of the farm on Tuesday night (9). On Wednesday (10), the girl headed out to talk to her friend who was still pissed off about the influencer’s strategy, and recounted.

Allied with Maylaid and Bill, Stephanie Matos ended up in the country with the most votes for the house: six. A Bahia woman pulled Tiago Picuelo, who was in the booth. Marina Ferrari nominated Farmer of the Week Diane Millo. Gui Araujo went into the danger zone due to the dynamics of the remaining area.

The BBB21 participant then sat with Mileide outside this afternoon to vent out of the loneliness of the game. Bell questioned the blogger’s loyalty. According to him, the ex-wife of Wesley Safadão could have saved Sthefane, as she always promised.

“It’s the normal state of the game, everyone has their own priorities. I will continue to do what I think is right, which is to save you and Stefan. But I made it clear that I was upset, because I saw it when I needed to start a pawn.”

“People will judge you here now, you know that, right? [me lixando]I’ve seen people judge you, and I said nothing, because it was your choice. And I don’t know if I made these calculations as a misreading or if I did it right for you, I “completed the form”. The blog asked, “For what?” “To Stefane yesterday, to her game.” Previous Unlimited.

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“But what about my game?” Maylaid insisted. “Whether it’s to save her or not, you understand? People will judge you here, do you understand?” Arcrebiano continued. “Whenever I get the chance, I will save for both of you,” said the businesswoman. “But then, people will judge you by your vote [em Valentina]The CrossFit coach continued.

The woman from Ciara asked, “What are you doing reading so that people judge me?” “You just said you would always save Stephanie and me. Yesterday you saved Stephanie with a draw [votos]He explained, “How was the tie? Did you make an account? What is your account?” asked former Aviões dancer Do Forró.

“The thing is, if you and Stefan vote for Val, it will be successful. And he will get 5 to 5 votes. And Marina will break the tie. Lee and Bill vote. [Araujo], three with Dynho [Alves], four with her, and Stefane had to vote. five [no total]’, I analyzed the previous security.

“Bill, what do you mean? James, Rico [Melquiades]Diane, Val, Solange [Gomes] and aline [Mineiro] Vote for Stephen. How were you going to tie? I would be inconsistent. I have already discussed this with Stefane. In fact, I had already counted seven votes for Sthefane after she got vaccinated, but [MC] Maylaid explained that Bell was too macho to go through Rico’s head.

“I swore she’d get seven votes after you were off the board. How would it be 5 to 5, Bill?” , the brunette concluded. Only Gui Araujo and Bil voted for Valentina last night. Solange Gomes was voted for by Mileide, Dynho, Sthefane and MC Gui.

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