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Globo should audition for Karol Conká as a TV presenter

After the success of the documentary series Life After TomboPerfect project by Globoplay “Browse” is in popularity Carol Konka Who left home Big Doss Biggs With a record number of rejections (99.17%), Globo is considering launching “mamacita” as a TV presenter.

The singer’s engagement with Marinhos broadcaster has to be three years old. During this period, the rapper is expected to star in a series and novels on Platinum Venus. In addition to his release as a presenter of a program that is already in the Programming Network for Television Network. Notably, the rapper has already introduced a traction on Grupo Globo’s GNT channel.

It continues after the announcement

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Hit owner Tombei is expected to star in one of the episodes of the second season of the series. justice, Which is a project designed by the same author mother’s loveManuela Dias. In the past, Carol Conca was actually involved as an actress in the series “Carcereiros” where she gave life to Paraíba’s wife, Jose Loreto’s character in the action project.

In an interview with Gshow At the time of the series’ release, Carole revealed her true reason for participating in the project. “It was so important, I wanted to participate precisely because of that. It is a constant fact that we have in our country, these women live in a broken relationship and this interferes a lot with their self-esteem. It was a great experience, even because I have the ability to act. Since I was little I have always loved dressing and acting“, The former BBB reported.

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