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Gilles de Vigor falls in love with a dentist - celebrity

Gilles de Vigor falls in love with a dentist – celebrity

Plinio Vasconcelos Gilles de Vigor’s new relationship (Photo: Reproduo/Instagram)

Gilberto Nogueira, known as Gilles de Vigor, He has a new affair. In the Twitter, The former BBB recently revealed that he was hooking up with a non-celebrity, his first letter “P”.

According to newspaper information additionalIt’s about the dentist Plinio Vasconcelos.

The two met because they had mutual friends, and Gilberto He soon falls in love with the boy, who has his own practice in So PauloIt has been in existence for three years. Both are dedicated to their studies and very attached to their mothers.

This Thursday (08/19), #TBT today in InstagramAnd Pliny Post a click next to Gilles de Vigor, cling, through stories. In the caption, “#TBT with him” is a little blue heart. The economist made sure to repeat the dentist’s post in his profile.

Check it out below:

Stories by Plenio Vasconcelos repeated by Gilles de Vigor (Photo: Reprodo/Instagram)

about to climb to United State, where he will study for a doctorate at the University of California, in a DavisAnd generation He commented to his followers, on social networks, that he hopes the relationship will continue even from a distance.

“I’m with someone in Brazil! I hope he continues with him from a distance.”

Gilles de Vigor

According to a source heard by the newspaper, the relationship between the two is not serious, but it has been going on for a while, when the schedule of the ex-brother allows it.