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Ada Parris, a British futurist, comes to Brazil to attend the Innovation Festival

Ada Parris, a British futurist, comes to Brazil to attend the Innovation Festival

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – February 11, 2020: STEP Conference. (Photo by Dan Taylor – © Dan Taylor).

The capital of Bahia has a special program next November, when one of the most important futurists in the world, Adah Paris, will arrive there to participate in the fifth edition of the Afrofuturism Festival, the largest futurism event in Latin America, which takes place in El Salvador on the 20th and 21st of November.

On stage, in the historic center of Salvador, Ada will participate in a panel discussion on the philosophy of cyborg shamanism, or cyborg shamanism, within the program of the festival, the main theme of which is “Back to the future.”

Countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Colombia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Peru, Guyana, Argentina, the United States, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Zimbabwe will be part of the event program that focuses on Afrofuturism, innovation, and looking at technology and lineage. And of course the future. “We will have the participation of African parliamentarians and ambassadors, which will strengthen El Salvador’s new position as the creative and Afro-capital of the Americas,” says Paulo Rogerio Nunes, co-founder and CEO of the Vale do Dendê Innovation Center and innovator of the innovation. the festival.

According to Rogerio, the capital of Bahia is “a unique destination, with an emphasis on innovation, the future, creativity and entrepreneurship. “The main goal is to create an event that is sophisticated, but at the same time open and popular,” says Rogerio.

Regarding the architectural issue, the founder of Vale do Dendê explains that the goal is to popularize technologies and make accessible to people with less knowledge about technological topics, addressing key trends and innovations, based on the Soft Web Fluency model. Based in Pelourinho, this edition will feature several open houses for approved participants, a gaming arena and two important shows, including Ile Aiyê and Cortejo Afro. In addition, the festival encourages the holding of a business fair with major credit development institutions for entrepreneurs.

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