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9,402 COVID-19 cases linked to Euro 2020 games in the UK

9,402 COVID-19 cases linked to Euro 2020 games in the UK

More than 9,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been linked to the Euro 2020 Games, a study on mass events conducted by the Department of Culture and Public Health in England concluded and cited. Watchman.

The scientists said England’s march to the final had “created significant public health risks across the UK”.

An analysis released on Friday revealed that more than 85% of all injuries related to 41 days of various sporting, musical and entertainment events in the country were linked to eight matches of the European Championship 2020, led by the semi-finals and final.

At Wimbledon tennis, another test occurred, the number of remaining cases. Although this event brought about 300,000 people to the sports grounds and had games where the permissible capacity was 100%, only 881 cases arose.

Of the 9,402 positive covid-19 tests given to fans attending Euro 2020 matches, 3,036 people reported symptoms within two days of the match, suggesting they may have already been infected when they went to the stadium.

“The tournament itself and England’s journey to Euro 2020 created a significant public health risk across the UK, even when England played abroad.”, notes the report, which was led by the Deputy Medical Director for Public Health England, Jennifer Smith.