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General alert to those who have the Caixa Tem app

General alert to those who have the Caixa Tem app

the his box It is a digital savings account created by Caixa Economica Federal To make social benefits deposits, such as Bolsa FamiliaFor example.

Brazilians who use the digital account must access it frequently to access their payments. However, some embarrassing situations may occur, such as forgetting the application password, which causes users to worry.

In this way, in case the password is forgotten, the user can generate a new one, in a practical way, without having to go to the branch.

How to create a new password in Caixa Tem?

When you lose or forget your account password his boxUser can create a new one through the cell phone itself. For this, the main tool will be the email that is registered to the bank account, because access will be required for every action. Check it out step by step:

  • Access the Caixa Tem app, enter your CPF number and click Next;
  • In the password field, click “Recover password”;
  • Enter your CPF number again;
  • click Continue;
  • The application issues a notification that recovery instructions have been sent to the registered email address;
  • Enter your email to access the password change link and click on the “Link to reset credentials”;
  • A screen will open for you to enter the new password, and another field to confirm the new password;
  • The password must be numeric, consist of at least six digits, and cannot be the same as your CPF number, date of birth, or be duplicate;
  • Click “Continue” to validate the process.

Learn how to unlock Caixa Tem by WhatsApp

m of the reasons that can cause the user to lose access to Implementation his box It is lack of update. However, what many do not know is that in cases of blockages, it is possible slot via The WhatsApp.

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It’s through our digital savings account Savings bank That the government deposits social benefits, in addition to providing many of them financial servicessuch as loans, payments and transfers via PIX, among others.

Open Caixa Tem via WhatsApp

  • Download the Caixa Tem app available for Android and iOS;
  • access your account using your CPF and password;
  • In the application menu, find the option “Liberar Access”;
  • The user will be redirected through the automatic help system. Click on the available icon and access the generated link to start a WhatsApp conversation;
  • Once done, just follow the instructions to submit the documents needed to open Caixa Tem.

According to Caixa, the procedure can take up to 48 hours to process. If access has not been released after this period, the indication is to search for a unit from the nearest institution. At that time, you have an official device authorization identification document.

app lock

Caixa Tem can be banned for a number of reasons – mainly related to security. Among these reasons:

  • Registration violations: In this case, a notification to search for a Caixa branch appears right after trying to log into the app. To resolve the situation, it is necessary to go to an agency with an identity document and ask for a registration settlement.
  • Multiple CPFs are registered to the same cell phone numberFor security reasons, there is a limit to the number of people using the same cell phone. In this case, according to Caixa, all you need to do is ask the agency to exclude CPFs you don’t need to access Caixa Tem from your phone. Remember to take a personal identification document and CPF numbers to be excluded.
  • The same CPF is recorded in many cell phones: The same person (CPF) cannot access the account on multiple mobile phones, so there is a limit to the number of mobile phones that the same user can use. In this case, Caixa’s advice is to go to a branch with a personal identification document and request that the mobile phones that you will not use to access the application be deleted.