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Game of the stars has Zico acting for 6 minutes and a great former Vasco goal

Game of the stars has Zico acting for 6 minutes and a great former Vasco goal

Stuffed with stars from a world football, the traditional Jogo das Estrelas, an event promoted annually by Zico, had a parade of plastic throws and understudies tonight.

The match was played at Luso-Brasileiro Stadium due to renovations in Maracanã, and the match was played between “Amigos do Zico” (team in red) against “Estrelas do Futebol” (team in white).

Unable to run due to hip surgery, the 68-year-old Zico was involved in the match for just six minutes. The crowd applauded him, and was replaced by Thiago Coimbra, his son.

“Unfortunately, there was no possibility for me to play. When you lose your balance, it is very difficult to participate in any sport. I do physiotherapy sessions and if I have to have another surgery to put the prosthesis in, we start to think about it,” said the former midfielder. to SporTV shortly after he left the field.

The first goal in the match came with Atherson of the red team. The former full-back hit the cross and did not give Carlos Germano a chance to defend himself. Soon, the “Soccer Stars” team switched with two goals to former strikers Grafite and Jonas.

Also in the first period, former midfielder Ramon, an idol Basque, scored a superb goal and extended the score for the white team after a beautiful dribbling of the cow in Leo Mora.

The second stage saw more rhythm and fewer chances to score. The red team even reduced the score with Roberto’s outfit, but failed to equalize. In the end, the duel ended with a score of 3-2.

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