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From religion to science, the apple is an element of popular culture

From religion to science, the apple is an element of popular culture

Apples are another agribusiness product, which brings many health benefits, as well as many interesting facts. It prevents cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, combats constipation, and prevents premature aging.

For thousands of years, apples have been one of the most consumed fruits in the world. From religion to science, it is an element of popular culture, and is present even in fairy tales.

in Agriculture power On Friday the 22nd of this month, viewers will learn about the health benefits and countless curiosities. In Chinese New Year, for example, the apple symbolizes peace.

Apples are a product of Brazilian agribusiness

Agricultural business isBrazil It works. It works.” The scale and potential of the sector, as well as the challenges that must be overcome, are addressed daily in the programme Agriculture power.

The sector represents approximately 30% of the GDP (gross domestic product) Brazilian – and it continues to grow. Transformations in this sector are occurring at high speed and affecting the rural world. Brazil is the third largest food producer and should be a major supplier in the coming years.

And it doesn't stop there. Hey Agricultural business It exists in people's daily lives. Not just on the table, but in clothes, in cosmetics, in transportation, in energy, in life.

From Monday to Friday, the program provides information and knowledge to Internet users. The goal is to connect the countryside to the city in a light and comfortable way.


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