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In Roraima, the State Science and Technology Conference highlights grassroots participation in public policy building

In Roraima, the State Science and Technology Conference highlights grassroots participation in public policy building

More than 250 participants have registered to work on strategic themes of science, technology and innovation at the third Roraima State Conference. The topic of the event is “For a just, sustainable and developed Roraima, It ends on Friday (22) and falls within the framework of the regional mobilization preparatory circle for the Fifth National Conference on Science and Technology.

At the opening, held on Thursday evening (21), representing the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), the Coordinator-General for Climate Science, Márcio Rojas, highlighted the importance of science and technology in addressing the climate change crisis. “To this end, the holding of the State Congress is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the structuring of new public policies in Brazil, with broad social participation, given the different climate realities experienced by the population,” Rojas said.

Vice-Rector of the Federal University of Roraima (UFRR), Silvestre López da Nobrega, spoke about “democracy and access to science, technology and innovation.” The professor stressed popular participation as a mechanism for a comprehensive and just future. “Science and technology are a powerful combination that drives human progress,” he said. “Science provides basic knowledge and technology using that knowledge to create practical innovations that improve the quality of life, boost the economy, and solve complex problems.”

Roraima's Minister of Agriculture, Development and Innovation, Márcio Grangero, stressed the importance of holding the state conference. “And A big step towards building innovative ideas, striving to further transform our country through science, technology and innovation, taking into account Roraima's potential in this development process also based on the Roraima 2030 Plan under the Sustainable Axis.“,

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The proposals generated during the State Conference will be compiled into a single Roraima document and sent to the Fifth National Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation (CNCTI), which will be held from 4 to 6 June 2024, in Brasilia (DF). The document will contribute to the preparation of the National Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (ENCTI) 2024-2030.

With content from the Ministry of Agriculture, Development and Innovation of Roraima.