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From Chaves to Hollywood: AI transforms Seu Madruga into a character from popular movies and series

From Chaves to Hollywood: AI transforms Seu Madruga into a character from popular movies and series

Every Brazilian who has watched the Mexican series “Chaves” by Roberto Gomez Bolaños, knows that one of the characters most beloved by viewers, Seu Madruga, played and immortalized by actor Ramón Valdés, has combined several professions during the plot.

Remembering famous phrases like “Work is not bad. It is bad to have to work” and “I like to leave employment to young people. And I have had this gentlemanly attitude since I was fifteen”, Madruja actually worked as a hairdresser, shoemaker, agent Occasions, Photographer, Painter, Carpenter, American Football Coach, Milk Delivery Guy, Plaster, Athlete (Boxer), Crossover Seller, Miscellaneous (Old Man in the Bag) and Baby Balloons, among others.

But now, Valdés has just gained new jobs in popular movies and series, in yet another work done by artificial intelligence (Amnesty International). The projections were created by a fan of the series and shared on the social network ‘Reddit’.

It continues after the announcement

Now, superhero productions “James Bond-007,” “The Lord of the Rings,” “Mad Max,” “Superman,” “Breaking Bad,” “Avatar,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” have the flamboyant presence of its father-in-law, proving that diversity is key. Also the noble and humble Eminence Seu Madruga.

Now that he’s technically beginning to occupy the Hollywood movie catalog, flaunting fame, fortune, and recognition, it remains to be seen if the busy Madruguinha, whose interpreter died more than 30 years ago, will finally stop paying him 14 months’ rent.

Blonde Obama, Black Trump?

Artificial intelligence continues to produce daily and increasingly diverse content around everyday personalities or situations. From personalizing physical appearances and sounds to recreating deceased people, nothing seems to escape the reach of technology.

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Have you even imagined Barack Obama, the former President of the United States, as a white man? Or even a black Donald Trump? For technology, anything seems possible.