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Free remote…

Registration is open for the process of selecting a free distance learning specialization in science teaching – the last years of elementary science school are ten years!. The deadline for registration is from January 11th to February 13th online.

The course will be offered by the Universidade Federal Grande Dourados Foundation (UFGD), through the Special Committee for the Course of Specialization (COESCE), Notice No. 01, in partnership with the Brazilian Open University Program – UAB.

This time, 30 vacancies will be offered to Costa Rica, intended for professors with a degree in natural sciences, natural sciences, biological sciences, physics and / or chemistry, who work in the last years of primary school (6th-9th grade), in the region the sciences.

The course aims to train teachers of science and natural sciences working in the last years of primary school, ensuring contact with new theoretical and methodological content in the area.

Science graduate ten! You will have distance classes, but face-to-face meetings will take place at the center chosen by the candidate at the time of registration.

Registration in the selective process for scientific specialization is 10! Those interested in studying at UFGD can register through the website https://sistemas.ufgd.edu.br/scpg-inscricao Until February 13, 2023. In addition to filling out the form, the candidate must attach all documents required in the declaration.

Among them, for example: identity document – RG (front and back) or copy of passport and residence visa for foreign candidates; Diploma of course graduation recognized by MEC (front and back); Transcript of the completed undergraduate course. Proof that you carried out a professional activity (teaching) during 2022; Letter of intent, among others.

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For more information on choosing Science is 10! Access the process notice here Or go to the center at Rua José Calazans da Silva, 173, located in the Escola Municipal Cívico-Militar Professor Adenocre Alexandre de Morais, phone (67) 3247-4956 or cell phone 9-9601-1028.

Scheduled activities and face-to-face meetings will be communicated in advance, according to the course schedule.

The successful candidate will hold a Certificate in Specialization in Science Teaching – Final Years of ‘Science Ten’ Primary School.