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Google Tensor G3: See the leaked details about the Pixel 8 line’s chip

Google Tensor G3: See the leaked details about the Pixel 8 line’s chip

Some details regarding the platform have been leaked G3 tensorWhich should be equipped with Google Pixel 8. In this way, the details revealed show a chip consisting of a different architecture than that seen in previous generations, in addition to better graphics performance and other innovations.

First of all, the chip in the next line of cell phones of the company should have a total composition of nine cores. In this sense, it will have four cores Cortex A510four more Cortex- A715 and a “big” nucleus Cortex-x3. In addition, the component should come in more refreshing colors, as Tensor G2 was launched with two generations earlier than the competitors.

As for graphics, the platform will have a new Mali-G715, which among its main features is support for Ray Tracing. Likewise, Pixel 8 should be the first smartphone with AV1 codec support for videos.

One of the main focus of the Pixel 8 will undoubtedly be operations with AI. In this way, the leaks indicate that the new chip will have a TPU codenamed “Rio” operating at 1.1 GHz, which, even without details on it, should generate a significant upgrade.

Another feature that should hit the new Pixel is support for UFS 4.0 storage, which generally boasts a 50% performance increase compared to the UFS 3.1 generation. In any case, it seems that the new Google chip will have good features compared to the previous generation, but we will only have official confirmation when the devices are presented.

In the meantime, check out the wireless charging details of the phone, as well as the leaked design of the Pro version of the lineup.

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