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Fortaleza Coritiba wins the calm and touches the G8

Fortaleza Coritiba wins the calm and touches the G8

a Energy He continues to delight his fans in the second round of Brazilian Championship. Thursday evening, the team led by Vojvoda Curitiba In Castelão and scored a quiet win by 3 to 1. In doing so, the team touched G8 in the rankings.

Fortaleza now has 48 points and, therefore, moves into the top positions to position itself in ninth place, sticking to the access group to Pré-Libertadores, opened by São Paulo, which has two more points. Meanwhile, Curitiba’s situation is different. The team continues to fight against relegation. He is 15th with 35 points, only one point from sticking.

Now, both teams are focusing on their upcoming commitments in the Brazilian League. Fortaleza will have a tough match against Palmeiras, which is one step away from confirming the title and needs a win to be champion. The ball rolls at 16:00 (Brasilia time) this Wednesday, at Allianz Parque.

Meanwhile, Curitiba Lantern faces isolated Juventud, at 7 p.m. on the same Wednesday, in Rio Grande do Sul.

the game

Fortaleza, who plays at home, started the match at a very high pace and immediately opened the scoring. With just over a minute on the clock, Tinga capped his score and turned the match over to Juninho Capixaba. Outside the zone, the side took a risk and saved.

Even with the early goal, Fortaleza kept pressing and was very close to the second goal. Gabriel Vasconcelos fouled Lucas Lima inside the area and after the VAR analysis, the penalty was awarded. However, Thiago Gallardo was bad at shipping. The ball came weak in the hand of the goalkeeper who made the defense.

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Like the first, the second started at a fast pace, and once again, Fortaleza didn’t take long to score. In the 9th minute, Capixaba once again took advantage of the defense to recover the ball, advance and hit the cross. Another goal from the side in the match.

But this time, Curitiba got an answer, and it came quickly. In the 14th minute, Mateus Cadorini received a throw, left the mark behind and did well in the final, taking it from Fernando Miguel.

However, Coxa’s goal did little to change the match. The lion was still on top and had no difficulty in attacking. Thus, in team play, the host team reached the third goal and closed the account. Romarinho received in the center of the area and with a stretched cart to score.

data sheet

Fortaleza 3 x 1 Curitiba

place: Arena Castellao, in Fortaleza (CE)

Date: October 27, 2022 (Thursday)

time: 7 p.m. (from Brasilia)

Rule: Flavio Rodriguez de Sousa (FIFA-SP)

Auxiliaries: Daniel Paulo Zioli (SP) and Gustavo Rodriguez de Oliveira (SP)

Video Assistant Referee: Diane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (FIFA-SP)

yellow cards: Lucas Lima (Fortaleza) and Bochilla (Curitiba)

red cards: Guillermo de los Santos (Curitiba)

Objectives: The castle: Capixaba (2 minutes from 1Q and 9 minutes from 2Q) and Romarinho (28 minutes from 2Q)/ Curitiba: Matthews Cadorini (15 minutes of 2Q)

Energy: Fernando Miguel Tinga, Benevento, Pretiz, and Juninho Capixaba; Lucas Sacha (José Willison), Caio Alexander and Lucas Lima (Hercules); Moisés, Thiago Galhardo (Silvio Romero), and Pedro Rocha (Robson). Technical: Juan Pablo Vojvoda

Curitiba: Gabriel Vasconcelos Nathan (Nathaniel), Guillermo, Chancellor and Rafael Santos; Bruno Gomez, Trindade (Juan Diaz), Gallarza (Warley), Bocilla (Regis); Leo Jamalho (Mateus Cadorini) and Alf manga. Technical: Gotto Ferreira

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