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Sene explains the carelessness that knocked Arboleda out of the game

Sene explains the carelessness that knocked Arboleda out of the game

In the fight for a place in the cup Editors 2023, Sao Paulo It has a long list of failures. And to complicate Rogerio Ceni’s life, the club shouldn’t be making much money in the last rounds of. Brazilian. The good news is on the account of Arboleda, who not only participated in Defeat AtleticoYesterday (27), due to the coach’s supervision, he explained.

“The one I wanted to bring today is the Arboleda, but when I made the list, it’s been so long since we’ve had six foreigners, I forgot I had to cut one. I know his need to go to the cup [do Mundo do Qatar]I wanted to put him on the bench today so he could fit in, he hasn’t played for a few months. Therefore, he can be present in the next match, at least on the bench, he is already training better,” he said.

The Ecuadorean has not played since June 23, when he fractured his left ankle and underwent surgery. His last match in the Round of 16 of the Copa del Rey was against Palmeiras in Morumbi.

Long list, little news

It seemed that Ruggiero was reading a list of called-up players, not a list of absentees, when he began counting the players who had been dropped from the fight.

“There’s Pablo, who’s been stopped, and I think he’s showing the physical strength he has in the middle to face. I think it’s difficult for Diego Costa.” [voltar]. Ceny, who continued to write the names, said: “Neves, Saab. Nico, I don’t think so. And Alison doesn’t…”

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