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Former WhatsApp employees create HalloApp, a ‘real’ social network

The startup founded by Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue, both former employees of WhatsApp, has launched HalloApp, a new privacy-focused social network. The service is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android devices. The app offers group or one-on-one chats with close friends, as well as public posts visible to all contacts.

The program presents itself as a “real dating app” and is divided into four main tabs: a friend’s engagement history page, a group chat session, a split for individual discussions, as well as a settings menu.

The initial interface of HalloApp; The program uses different colors in the menu if “dark mode” is enabled on your deviceSource: Reproduction / Dudu Matos

Chats are end-to-end encrypted and allow for text, video and photo messaging. According to the developers, there is no algorithm To organize publications and conversations and there are no advertisements in the program.

to me the edgeHalloApp will be billed for additional features in future study plans. On the other hand, the company did not provide details of the capital currently used or from investors.

Filosofia do

In a post on the startup’s blog, Arora criticizes traditional social networks that use engagement metrics and claims they have become “digital malls.” “Where you were expecting to find friends, you will actually find ads, bots, likes, filters, and false information,” the professional added.

Arora and Donoghue work on WhatsApp before and after Facebook Acquisition. Aurora was the company’s business director, while Donohue was director of engineering for nearly nine years – his leaving Facebook was in 2019.

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The pair intends to avoid the attention of the press, given the current short life of the initiative. Arora added in the podcast, “I think the product should speak for itself. If you do a good job, you build loyalty and trust with users and you don’t have to speak for yourself.” Follow your different.

The Service’s website informs that the Company believes in privacy as a fundamental human right. The startup claims that only the phone number will be used for communication between users. In addition, nothing will collect, store or use other personal information.

The startup also has two vacancies at Location For coding engineers and iOS engineers.