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Former BBB raises controversy over procedure of ‘removing old stool’ from intestines and receives criticism

Former BBB raises controversy over procedure of ‘removing old stool’ from intestines and receives criticism

Posted on 11/30/2023 at 9:43 AM Reproduction/Instagram Juliana Barbosa

Former BBB Adriana Sant’Anna shared a strange experiment on social media: a complete large intestine cleansing technique performed at a clinic in the United States. The influencer revealed that she had already undergone this treatment in Brazil, and detailed the experience in a video clip she posted on her Instagram account.

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Colonic hydrotherapy promises to remove stool debris accumulated in the human intestine and promote many benefits. The technique is the target of expert criticism. In the video, Adriana describes the procedure as the day she went to “remove all the old stool from my intestines.”

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The pictures show a specialist massaging her abdomen and explaining the details of the treatment. In the commentary, the former BBB states that in Brazil this technique is called colon hydrotherapy, while in the United States it is known as colon hydrotherapy.

Adriana wrote in a post on a social network: “One of the Seven Wonders of the World!! At the beginning of the video, she shows her swollen belly and then her smaller belly.

Adriana shared the discovery of the treatment in the United States after asking her followers if they knew of any place that offered this service in the region. The influencer found a clinic and praised the professional in charge, named Clarice, highlighting her care and friendliness.

The former BBB revealed that she was suffering from severe abdominal pain, and that she felt lighter after the treatment.

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Colon hydrotherapy is done using a type of hose that is inserted through the anus in order to clean the stool that is supposed to accumulate there with liquid. It is usually performed in people who suffer from constipation.

Hydrocolon treatment can cause some complications for patients, such as:

  • Intestinal perforation
  • Intestinal infection
  • Change in intestinal flora (microbiota)
  • drying
  • Water and electrolyte imbalance – affecting the sodium and potassium in the body, for example.

Adriana Santana’s report on bowel cleansing sparked a variety of reactions on social media, mixing humor, curiosity and discussions about alternative health practices.

One netizen said: “People have lost track of what they share online. How unnecessary.”

I can’t stand Adriana Santana getting shit from this idiot on Twitter

– Caroline (@dsmesura) November 29, 2023

The day started with Adriana showing ex bbb how to remove her poop from her intestines and ended with Fiuk kissing her on the mouth at Parra’s house.
What a show day

– Dodo Guimarães (@dodo) November 29, 2023

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