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Flamengo shakes the crowd and crushes Devenza and goes to the quarter-finals in Libertadores - 07/21/21

Flamengo shakes the crowd and crushes Devenza and goes to the quarter-finals in Libertadores – 07/21/21

Flamengo has been ranked in the cup quarter-finals Editors from America. In a match marked by their fan returning to the field after 497 days, the Brazilian national team cheered on the field and thrashed Devenza e Justicia 4-1, today (21), at Mane Garrincha Stadium, in Brasilia (DF). Rodrigo Caillou, Arascaeta and Vitino (2) declared the victory of the Robro and the Negro.

Although the score was a loser, Flamengo had a stifling moment in the match. After opening the scoreboard at the start of the match and putting pressure on the opponent, he suffered a draw due to a mistake by Diego Alves. But thanks to surgical replacements by Renato Gaucho, Robro Negro sprinted in the last 25 minutes towards the classification. Good for 5,518 registered paid fans – not counting guests here – for an income of R$984,440.00.

With the result, Flamengo conclude the knockout streak with a score of 5-1 and erase the bad memory of 2020, when the team was eliminated by Racing, also in the round of 16, in the middle of the Maracanã. With a guaranteed place among the top eight players on the continent, the red-black team awaits its opponent, who will know tomorrow (22). He will come out of the confrontation between Internacional and Olympia. In the first leg, in Paraguay, there was a 0-0 draw.

Best: Arrascaeta dominates the second half

The Uruguayan attacking midfielder was the highlight of the final stage, when Flamengo felt a little risk taking his turn. Arascaeta scored the second goal with a header to reassure the red-black team. After that, he made passes for two goals scored by Vitinho.

No time to breathe

Flamengo did not give the Argentines time to rest on the field. He managed to open the scoreboard early and break the Argentine defensive system. The play began quickly Bruno Henrique, who passed the opponent, and went to the finish line, but the cross was cut short. And in a corner kick, Everton Ribeiro sent it to the middle of the area and found Rodrigo Caillou, who climbed alone and headed hard in the middle of the goal in the 8th minute to score the first goal in the match.

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Red and black massacre

Until halfway through the first half, Flamengo left the opponent trapped. It was difficult to see Devensa and Justicia cross the midfield. Thanks to the good movement of their attackers, the Rio team found it easy to create plays. In the 15th minute, Bruno Henrique appeared free after a cross from Gabigol, but has no angle to finish. Three minutes later, it was reversed. Bruno Henrique’s cross was found free by Gabigol. He kicked and forced Unsain into the palm of the hand at close range.

Needless intimidation

With the advantage of having two goals on the overall scoreboard, Flamengo can have all the peace of mind in the world to secure qualification for the quarter-finals. But the stunning failure of goalkeeper Diego Alves put the Argentines back in the game. Flamengo played the ball in defense to attract the opponent. In one of the exchanges of passes, Diego slipped into the scarlet-black goalkeeper. He tried to dodge the danger with a kick in the air, but the ball hit Luisa who was under pressure and entered the goal. Devinsa equalized in the 39th minute.

Tense return to red and black

Coming back to the second half was very different from what Flamengo suggested at the start of the match. The nervous team was evident, who began to see the ratings in jeopardy even after their blitzkrieg in the first 45 minutes. Proof of this is the yellow cards received by Everton Ribeiro and Diego. Initially, the only good red-and-black moment came from a one-man play by Bruno Henrique, who had made a mistake at the entrance to the area. However, Diego’s charge was on the bulkhead.

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Renato Gaucho’s finger goal

At the time, the formerly contested player on the pink team was once again deciding to rank the pinks. Michael, who scored the winning goal in the first leg, entered the field in the 18th minute and needed only two goals to show his importance. After a cross from the left, the Argentine defense barely managed to clear the danger, and the ball was left in the beak of the small area of ​​Michael who adjusted a superb shot on the crossbar. On the rebound, Arascaeta was in good shape and fired into the empty net.

Another spare one shows your face

Another player coming off the bench left his mark on the victory of Crimson Black. Vitinho, who had also scored in the first leg against Bahia last Sunday, scored the third goal. He, who replaced Bruno Henrique, was fired by Arascaeta, with a cross kick in the right corner, increased the difference in the 37th minute. In the last step of the match, Vitinho scored again with a shot from the edge of the area, in a good position in the right corner.

Bruno Henrique is back well

Bruno Henrique recovered from a strain in his thigh, and Flamengo was a big name in the game. After three games, the T-shirt Number 27 was a huge relief to the red and black and showed he is in good physical shape with his runs, especially in the first half. Michael and Vetino By the way, they also came out of the bank well.

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Return of the nation عودة

After 497 days, Flamengo fans are back on the field. Even with just 25% off the Mané Garrincha stadium, fans made noise and tried to push Flamengo to the finish.

data sheet

Defense and Justice Flamingo 4×1
Libertadores round of 16
data: July 21, 2021 (Wednesday)
Table: 9:30 pm (Brazilia)
Sweetened: Mane Garrincha Stadium in Brasilia (DF)
Rule: Roberto Tobar (CHI)
Auxiliaries: Alejandro Molina (Chile) and Sebastian Villa (Colombia)
Where: Christian Garay (Che)
yellow cards: Gabigol, Everto Ribeiro, Diego (Flamingo); cold, walls (defense)
Objectives: Rodrigo Caillou, in the 7th minute of the first half, Arrascaeta, in the 20th minute, and Vitinho, in the 37th and 49th minutes of the second half (Flamingo); Luisa, 39 minutes into the first half (defense)

flamingo: Diego Alves, Isla (Matthews), Rodrigo Caillou, Gustavo Enrique and Felipe Luis; Willian Arau, Diego, Everton Ribeiro (Michael), Arascaeta; Bruno Henrique (Vitino) and Gabigol. idiomatic: Renato Gaucho

Defense and Justice: changed the mind of Matías Rodriguez, Paredes, Frias, Cardona, Soto; Escalante (Mirentiel), Luisa (Rivero), Rotondi (Lucas Barrios); Contreras, Walter Poe (Trepecchio). idiomatic: Sebastian Picacci