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Flamengo beats Minas in the opening of the National Bank of Bahrain |  nbb

Flamengo beats Minas in the opening of the National Bank of Bahrain | nbb

Flamengo did not frighten Minas in the opening match of the Novo Basket Brasil (NBB) 2023/24 tournament. Even playing at Maracanazinho Stadium in front of a large crowd, Minas Gerais used and abused three-pointers to defeat the reigning champions of the competition 87 to 70. With 16 points scored, Vesaro was the top scorer of the night. In the Flamengo team, Balbi and Dede Lozada each scored 15 points, the same tally as Paranhos from Minas. Other players who participated significantly included: Parali (14 points), Cupello (10), Mikey (10) and Filipovetti (10).

Paranhos steps up to score for Minas – Photo: Gilvan de Souza/CRF

Flamengo returns to play at NBB on Sunday at 11am. The rival is Pato Branco, again in Maracanazinho. Minas’ next match will be with Botafogo on the 21st, Saturday, at 4pm, at the Oscar Zelaya Gym, in Rio.

The first two points of NBB 2023/24 were scored by Balbi. Seconds later, Flamengo’s Argentine goalkeeper was fouled and had two free throws, only converting the second shot. It didn’t take long for Minas to turn around. A 3-pointer by Fusaro made it 5-3, and the game remained balanced over the next few minutes. Gui Deodato made a 3-pointer, making it 10-7 in favor of Rubro-Negro.

Minas’ defense is brave – Photo: Gilvan de Souza/CRF

Minas rocks in the second quarter

Visaro opened the scoring in the second quarter with a 3-pointer. Encouraged, Minas killed another three-pointer with Cubello. Flamengo felt the blow, and after three minutes, the score was 35 to 27. Five minutes later, the former red and black Chuzito scored 40 to 31. A minute later, Barral increased the score to 43 to 34 with another three balls. Confident, Minas continued to believe in the three-ball. The Miners thus opened up a 13-point lead – 48 to 35 – forcing Gustavo De Conte to stop the game.

Flamingo’s reaction after stopping. Even then, Robro Negro’s offense scored seven points in two minutes. However, Minas also maintained his attacking quality. So much so that 25 seconds before the end of the first half, Visaro scored 53 to 41, deciding the outcome of the first half.

Minas ran over Flamengo in the second quarter – Photo: Gilvan de Souza/CRF

The game’s outlook remained intact at the start of the third quarter, as Minas jumped out to a 60-43 lead in just over two minutes. In the fourth, Balbi reduced the score to 60 to 45. One minute later, the Argentine scored a hat-trick, bringing the crowd to 61 to 50. But Renan responded in kind, which mitigated the reaction. To make the Flamengo situation worse, Chuzito killed another three-pointer in the sequence, making the score 67-52.

Gabriel Gao tries to lead Flamengo to attack – Photo: Gilvan de Souza/CRF

With victory in hand, Minas tried to take control of the game at the start of the final quarter. Fuzarro, with three balls, made the score 77 to 59. Flamengo were not very creative, and did not score until two minutes after Coelho. At four, Mineiro won the bottle competition and scored 79 to 61. At six, Parali raised his tally to 85 to 66 with another three-pointer. Little by little, both teams took their foot off the gas pedal. The best for Minas, who tried to confirm the victory with a score of 87 to 70.

Balbi rises to score on the stairs – Photo: Gilvan de Souza/CRF

Flamingo: Balbi, Joey Deodato, Didi, Filipovetti, and Gabriel Gao. Players: Scott Machado, Mikey, Coelho, Olivinia. Coach: Gustavo De Conte.

Mines: Parali, Chosito, Danilo Fusaro, Mineiro and Paranhos. Enter: Jimerson, Visaro, Cubello, Youri and Renan. Coach: Leo Costa.